Saturday, August 07, 2010

Not a Ta-Dah

Okay, I'm going to have to take a break from crocheting because my right arm is killing me.  Crochet injury!  Call the medics!  So pathetic.

But rather than keeping you in suspense, here is a preview and some info on what I'm making with that recycled circle...

It's a jacket!

I still have the sleeves and another few rounds to do around the edge (and of course the blocking), but you get the idea from this picture how it will look.  I absolutely love the way it is turning out, and it's easy, people!  Sleeves always make me run the other way, but I promise this one is easy and goes very quickly.  Don't be intimidated!  I'd love it if some of you would make one too and share your pictures. 

It's called a Circle Jacket, and the free pattern can be found HERE.  As usual, you can see lots of different ones people have made on Ravelry.

Note:  I don't like how some of the ones you'll see on Ravelry have really big gaps between the stitches so I'm using a smaller hook to avoid that happening.  The pattern calls for a size J, but I'm using a size H hook (and Vanna's Choice yarn).

Here's how it looks right now when lying flat:

So did anybody guess what it was going to be?

Have a great Saturday!


  1. It's looking really great so far. I like it a lot.

    I am actually making that afghan that you started. I am making it from ILTY in sungold, and boy am I liking it so far. I am using a solid color, and I love how the pattern itself makes the yarn look variegated, with all the textures going on. Thanks so much for the link.

  2. Very intriguing. I've never made a garment before. This will be very pretty when you're all done with it. A little side note. I was getting our Netflix ready for the post lady, when I happened across this: "In his penultimate film, Steve McQueen stars as hired gun Tom Horn...." What are the odds?

  3. I would NEVER have guessed you were making something to wear. How cool is this! I love it!

  4. You totally blew my away! Never would have guess that little circle would be something so magnificent! It's beautiful...I would never have the courage to try something like that! Can't wait to see your finished product....WOW...

  5. Love how it's turning out! I was going to guess a shawl but was a bit off I suppose :) Sorry about your crochet injury :( I get that all the time but it's always in my shoulder and neck. I'm surprised that I'm not having any problems with the amount of crocheting I've been doing this week.

  6. I wanted to make something to go over a black sleeveless romper I just bought . . this might be the ideal item to make. Thanks for posting.

  7. I forgot to ask this in my previous post . . do you think it could be made to fit a "larger frame"? Is it made in a way that the circle pattern could be made larger?


  8. OH, so COOL. What fun idea and it's something you might 'actually' wear. Can't wait to see more.

    Spent all day yesterday cleaning the windows inside and out. Big task, but glad that is behind us. The way I see it... the $$$$ it would have cost to hire someone can now go into my yarn spending.

    But.....I can't lift my arms this morning. Wandering around the house in a daze. I'm going to skip the coffee and go right for the Advil and hit the couch with a good movie.

    By the way, you need to post about you mannequin {sp?} thingie and where you picked that up. I have been eyeing in for a while now.

    Great job, what's next?


  9. I love it. Can I tell you that I saw one at Kohl's dept. store 2 weeks ago and I think it listed for $32 dollars. Of course, I figured I can make one. Lovely and thanks for the pattern link. :)

  10. What a great job you are doing. It looks like a big project!

  11. Well I didn't guess and I have been browsing this style on and off duh!!
    Love it without the sleeves

  12. Just one word : WOW!

    I love it!


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