Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Project

I had a crappy day, but I'm not going to whine here anymore than that today.  You're welcome.

The project I'm working on is THIS ONE posted by Marty on Crochetville a while back.  The free pattern is HERE.  I thought I had already linked to it here, but maybe not.  I'm doing a full-sized one in pink with a cream border that has yet to be determined.  Beware if you make it that it is a yarneater.  I'm getting 6 rows per skein (226 yds).  Is that less than normal?  I think it is.  But it's worth it because it sure is turning out pretty.  The baby yarn I'm using says it's bulky weight.  It feels just slightly thicker (but much softer!) than worsted.  It's Hobby Lobby's Baby Bee Sweet Delight Twisted.  Could that name be any longer?

The 100+ weather has broken and it was much cooler today than it's been in a long time.  Yipee!

Here's to having a better day tomorrow.




  2. Oooh, that's really pretty. I can't wait to see yours when your done. Thanks for the pattern link!

    It's finally starting to cool down a touch here too..YaY!

    Have a great evening sweetpea!
    Anita ♥

  3. hmmmm...I like the Baby Yarn ...Whatchya been up to??


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