Monday, August 16, 2010

I Can't Think of a Title

I'm so happy because I feel good today, physically and mentally.  I had a rough weekend with the neck thing, but it seems much better today.  Also, I've decided it's time to pull up my big-girl panties and stop moping because Barnaby isn't here as much as he was.  It'll just make the time we do have together more special, right?

I have to throw some pictures of the kids in every now and then. These were taken this morning.

Sammi and Fletcher


I'm making peanut butter cookies.
The first dozen are in the oven now.

Y'all come over and lets have some with some coffee and crochet, wanna?  I'm sure there'll be enough if I quit eating the raw dough.

I hope you have a really-really-really good Monday.


Edited to add...

I'm waiting for you!


  1. Be there in 5 . . .

  2. Send me directions to your house. I'm heading west from Kentucky now lol!

  3. Awww...your babies are beautiful. Cookies and coffee...mmm my favorite! I might be there in 10 or 12 Enjoy. And hug the babies for me! xoxo
    PS/Hope you feel's hell getting old isn't it??? I absolutely hate it!

  4. YUMMY !!!!! My favorite. I don't even know what state you live in. BUT I am coming........

    Your kids are soooo cute.
    I just love dogs. They are always there. We have a puppy now. Don't you just love puppyville????

  5. Save some cookies for me!!!

  6. Peanut butter cookies. One of my favs. Those pups are so cute and I am certain that they're always fun to have around...

  7. Hi, they look so yummy. I'd love to come and enjoy your treats with ya. So glad you're feelin' better! Have a great week!

  8. Eeee so coming! I wanna cuddle the kids :)

  9. Hey, I keep forgettin' to say that I like your new pretty blog page. The medallion with the flower looks like chocolate and the other blue one, marzipan! YUM!

  10. Oh yum! Are you going to share your PB cookie recipe with those of us who can't come over? I love PB cookies!

  11. keep some for me! I'm having my morning coffe just now, so those cookies would be perfect..have a good day!


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