Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Here I Sit


It’s just after 5:00 and I’m sitting here with all my “stuff” settling in for a couple of hours of crochet.  Yes, I have two drinks.  I have my iced coffee, as always, and my leftover iced milk from lunch.  I have a thing for iced drinks.

Tonight is one of my favorite TV nights now that the new season for a lot of shows has started.  It’s a Bravo Channel night. 

First is Flipping Out.  Welcome to Crazy Town.  That Jeff whats-his-name is such a weird, crazy-person.  He just makes me cock my head to one side like a dog that’s heard something squeaky, and he makes me laugh too.  He told the camera man last week that his assistant’s pants were so tight he could see her ovaries.  Ha!  That’s tight!

Then I watch The Rachel Zoe Project.  I’d like to shake her sometimes.  She needs a backbone and a slap upside the head.  Oh, and a cheeseburger.  And I love her super-flamingly-gay assistant, Brad.  I’m so glad they got rid of Taylor, Rachel’s last assistant.  She should have been fired long ago just for her attitude, but they thought they couldn’t survive without her until she stole them blind.

So I’m off to fantasy land to crochet.  Did you peek at my new project?  You stop that!


  1. All that caff... no wonder you don't sleep at night. I only have two cups in the morning and then it's Diet Rite for me the rest of the day. I still can't get to sleep at a normal hour. Been up hooking with Big Brother after Dark on in the background.

    I can't wait for the fall season to start up again. I'm so over summer TV.

  2. Sheesh! I haven't heard of any of those shows. I guess I'm just not with it.

  3. Sherryknit4:55 PM

    So LOVe those shows. Jeff is such a smart ass. Rachel really needs to eat a few burgers.

    Happy tv night

  4. I gotta set up the DVR... I watch those shows too, and didn't realize they were back on again. I love Jeff, he is so crazy it isn't even funny. One of my fav things about him is the way he teaches Ryan's daughter to say stuff he doesn't want her to say... too funny! I wondered what happened to Taylor... am not surprised, I never liked her anyway. I love Brad too... so over-the-top gay isn't he? OK off I go to set up the DVR ... Oh and congrats on winning another giveaway!

  5. I've never heard of those shows either so you're not alone but I'm glad you had fun with them. Yea caffiene!!!

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies

  6. I love watching "Flipping Out" with Jeff Lewis and his long suffering assistant, Jenni. I'm traveling so I can't watch it but it should still be on when I get home.

  7. To heck with the caffeine. Give me the Good and Plenty! Love those things.

  8. Phew! It took me a while to catch up on your blog but it was well worth it! I LOVE the shawl Pam. That's absolutely gorgeous. I have a tendency with my large projects to get bored and put them down. My sister's afghan and Bella's blankie are the two big ones right now that are feeling kinda left out. :o( I printed out the seamless tutorial but what do you do if you don't change colors? I HATE seeing the joins on things. Loved Barnaby's pics. LOL. I guess he didn't see the humor in what you had in mind for pics? Hey I think we are in for some cooling down. At least that's what the weather man said for this weekend here in GA. He BETTER be right!!! xoxox

  9. P.S.................I love Bravo TV..(period)
    Rachel Zoe lives in a whole different universe than us...I still cant figure out after 2 seasons if she is on drugs....Its a quandry

  10. Of course, I peeked at your project - silly girl ;-) It looks like the beginnings of a pink zig-zag pattern baby afghan, right?

    I don't watch TV, but I do watch Netflix movies while I crochet!

    I love iced coffee! My favorite!


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