Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hee!  I just had to post this. 

I stole it from Flickr from someone who was complaining about people having too many Favorites in their free accounts and that Flickr should limit them.  What?!  And that's pretty much what everybody else said to her too.  Why do you care?  Sue me, you big whiner!  I stole it just to be a bitch.

I was NOT impressed with this magazine, especially since it cost me $9.99.  Totally not worth it.  I will never make a thing out of it, and if I did, I'd have to translate it into American crochet terms (Duh).  Don't waste your money.  I saw that Sarah London mentioned today that it has always been her favorite magazine.  I'm guessing she just wants to be in it.  (I know, I know...that was rude of me.  Whatever.)  I'm claiming illness is making me nasty.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I'm thinking about cancelling my subscription to Interweave Crochet magazine too.  It kind of sucks if you ask me.  They have too many clothing patterns and not enough of anything else.  And there's not enough content either.  Or purple things.

Man, I'm grouchy!


  1. Hi Ya!! You must be feeling a bit better! That dog pic is hilarious, thanks for making my day! Why do people give a sh** about virtual space at flickr anyway? I like the 3/4 sleeve sweater but it WOULD look better in PURPLE! I'm so new to crochet that if I had to translate a pattern from UK terms to USA terms I'd just have someone shoot me first.

    Your shawls are gorgeous btw, I'd like to make the circle jacket but put a heart motif at the beginning. I think my next project will be a shawl; you have inspired me. I'd like to make the groovy granny shawl, yours came out so pretty. PLUS, it is not fitted and so I can have a success with that. Get all better, ok?

  2. Awww....sorry you still aren't feeling good. If you were here, we could have a whiney grouchy fest. I'm not too good today either...(sigh).

  3. O.K. Miss Grouch..:-)

    Cancel your subscription... then you won't have anything to read and gripe about..;-) Actually, I don't care for Interweave Crochet either.
    I do like Crochet Today!!! Try that one!!!

    ~ Susan

  4. I love the dog pic and I end up borrowing magazines from the library now because it's rare to find a good one now *grr*

  5. Hi!
    Thanks for joining my link party!
    That dog is soooo funny - I Love it! - and it's ok to be a little nasty sometimes :))

    The table runner you made is a complete masterpiece. I admire your patience.

    Hope you will feel better over the weekend!

  6. sorry to read you're still feeling ill, hop you're better today.
    I don't care for flikr, so I have no idea what you're talking about. ;)
    Although I've never actually read that magazine, I have seen the inside contents on another blog, this lady really likes her crochet and talks about it a lot. I think she has a subscription. Anyway, I like the cardi on the front, no matter the colour. he he.

  7. Hi Pam, I hope your feeling better. You know I should print that picture and use it as my new ID. Sometimes I look like that in the mornings!

  8. I love the dog picture it is a blast just like how I feel sometimes. Thank you for sharing hope your feeling better. I love your new look here it is peaceful to look at with lots of sense of humor on it. Take care my friend.

  9. That's a funny doggy picture - great angle. That woman who said that must've had a bad day!

    I recently received a free introductory Crochet magazine that I will cancel because it's thin and the patterns in there are nothing special - nothing I couldn't find for free on the Internet. They have got to work a little harder if they want to sell those!

    Have a nice weekend,
    Doris and Gizzy :-)


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