Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Groovy Granny Shawl

This was such a joy to make!  I'm kind of disappointed that it's finished.  I smiled the whole time I made her because of the colors.  I started it yesterday late morning and crocheted on it for 9 hours (I have no life).  Then I got up today and spent about three hours on the last two rows, sewing in the tails, and crocheting the border.  So it's not bad for a 12-hour shawl.

Here's all the info on it:

Free pattern:  HERE  (made 33 rows)
Hook Size:  J
Yarn:  Hobby Lobby ILTY, Vanna's, Paton's Decor, Deborah Norville Everyday (all variegated colors)
Border Neck:  1 row of (sc in ch space, ch 2) across
Border Sides:  1 row of (sc in ch space, ch 4) across both sides, then 1 row of (sc, 4 dc, sc) in each ch space across both sides.