Monday, August 09, 2010

G’Day Mates

Well, I couldn't stand it another day.  I HAD to crochet a little yesterday.  I was looking through Flickr photos of everyone's crochet and saw a picture of a doily I wanted to make.  So I sat down and tried to copy it.  I got pretty close, but my edges came out more frilly.  Here it is:



I made it with white cotton yarn and peach baby yarn.


These are my prized Japanese crochet pattern books.  I love them.  I look at them over and over dreaming of the day when I again have the patience to make the beautiful things in them.  The only thing I’ve made is the shawl on the cover of the top-right book.  But I have big dreams of making many more.

I’m off now to get my first cuppa joe and watch Regis & Kelly, except Regis isn’t there.  But guess who is?  My absolute favorite, Anderson Cooper.  Love him.  I have big dreams about him too.  Hee-hee.


  1. Hard not to like Anderson, he's easy on the eyes for one. lol

    Your dollie turned out great. You were able to do that by looking at a picture! Impressive.

    Are you Japanese patterns written in Japanese?


  2. Beautiful. I am fairly new to making doilies - well in my second week of trying. I am hooked this looks beautiful and my aim will be to produce something like this.


  3. Love the doily, it's gorgeous.

    Do the Japanese books have charts, or are you reading them?

  4. The new doily is so pretty! I love the jacket on the front of that pattern book but you'd have to make it gigantic-0 for me.

    Big Daddy and I are watching Anderson Cooper on Regis and Kelly as I write this. I was wondering if you caught the show.

    I finally won a foot pedal on ebay! Yay!

  5. I don't read Japanese! I'm just going by the charts which use universal symbols.

    Sianara! (That's Japanese, right?)

  6. Hi Pammy Sue: The doily is really pretty. You are good at figuring things out I see. Where did you get those books? I was researching Japanese books on the internet a few months ago and we were slammed with a horrible virus. Please tell me.....

  7. hmmmm...Anderson Cooper IS gay. I am sure you knew that though...He is cute....but gay

  8. I buy all my Japanese books on eBay from seller "Pomadour24"

  9. What you are up to four now? Start translating my friend. I'm catching up to you.

    A.C........seriously... ok...

    Back to print that darn pattern again.


    By the way I like the frilly....

  10. It looks great. I like the little bit of frill. I have lost my crocheting mojo over the summer. Maybe when it is cooler......

  11. Hi Pam. Love the doily! So pretty. Now, I have an embarrassing question I must ask. I have been trying to get someone to share with me, the US version of instructions to making the granny stripe blanket that I fell in love with at Attic's blog. I see it on several blogs, and I did receive a couple of emails from gracious lady's with instructions to do. One of those was in written form. I thought it may have been Posy Linda, but now I am thinking it was you??? At any rate, I was away on vacation, and have my ipad with me, but the email did not save, and now I have lost it. I tried it again, trying to convert Attic's instr. over to US..but I failed miserably. I am so wanting to make this blanket. Was that by chance you, who sent the written instructions? I am so sorry for losing them, if it were. But if so, would it be too much trouble to ask you to resend them? HOPING>>....Kris

  12. Pammy Sue my sis is in Dallas for a whole new life ....I am going to visit her this fall...maybe winter

  13. Vicki9:38 AM

    Hi, Love your doilie. Do you have instructions you might share? Would love to have them. I simply could not figure something like this out myself. Like your blog so much, check in daily. Thanks Much, Vicki


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