Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Fun

In an effort to bring you more entertaining blog entries, I sent Barnaby off to work last night with my camera.  "Get me some fun pictures, " I said.  He grunted, took the camera, and left.

His idea of fun pictures and my idea of fun pictures are obviously two different things.  This is what he came back with:




He thought this store called "Civilized Divorce" was amusing.  I liked the dog store next door better so I left that in the picture.

What I had in mind was some action shots of actual police work or an accident or something cool like that.  Hmpf.  I tried, people!  I'll send him off to work with the camera again when he works next weekend to try again.  If he doesn't come back with anything better than this, he is so fired.


This was me last night in bed with the dogs, the crochet mags I told you about, my laptop computer, and my white shawl to crochet on.

I came so close to frogging that shawl last night.  And I may still do it.  I just don't like the way the edge of the shawl looks.  It looks all jagged and messy to me.  The only things keeping me from frogging it is that it's evenly jagged on both sides and the hope that a nice border will magically make it look nice.  Oh, and the fact that I've spent HOURS crocheting the dang thing already.

Another thing is I've decided that a bridal shawl would be better in a rectangular shape rather than triangular.  A rectangular shawl would show more of the back of the wedding dress.  You wouldn't want to cover up the back of your pretty wedding gown, now would you?  Well, maybe if you had a giant hump-back or something, but then you probably wouldn't be getting married in the first place.  Ha-ha-ha!  That was a joke.  Please no hump-back hate mail.  I didn't mean it.  Of course hump-backs get married too.  I know that.  How the hell did I get off over in left field with this.

I called the COVER GIRL hotline a few minutes ago.  Okay, it's not really a hotline.  I just made that up, but I did call them.  I called them because I'm too blonde to figure out how to maneuver their Ultimate Finish Foundation Compact.  That's right, I'm an idiot.  I could hear it in the girl's voice that was explaining it to me.  I refused to admit I was just a dumb-ass, so she is sending me a free replacement coupon.  I just pretended mine was defective and wouldn't work the way she explained it.

Okay, that’s it.  I’m off to work for a tiny bit, just so I can say I did, and then I’m going to goof-off with Barnaby since he’s off today.  Y’all have a good one.


  1. Where to begin?

    First, you karma'ed me... Liz just called and canceled. Messy house this weekend, I guess? Thanks..he-he..

    Next, don't fire the camera man yet? But, I they really don't seem to get it do they.

    Next, Nooooooooooooo don't frog yet? I'll remind you about giving up the the circles too soon. Didn't you kick yourself. But, I do agree about rectangle verse triangle. Classier, maybe. But, unless you are The Girl with the DRAGON TATOO, one thing I just can't get my mind around a tat's that show on a bride. Yes, I'm almost down with the Girl that plays with fire. Rent the first DVD, it get.

    Last, make-up, what has gotten in to you. Are you going some place, you forgot to mention to us?

    I'll be forever, over the weekend, clean up files on the old computer. My new one sails...quick as lickity split.

    Happy Camper,

  2. Now while the Cockroach Museum kinda, well, not kinda, gives me the heebie-jeebies, I gotta say, I'm with your husband on the 'civilized divorce' thing. From someone who tried really hard to have a 'civilized divorce', there's just no going there. That, to me, is an oxymoron. Don't get me started on the 'moron' part. LMHO Although the dog shop is funny, too.

  3. Hmmmm...You looked bedridden...I love bedridden. I am facinated that there is actually a Hotline or info line... for makeup operation and probs....Interesting pics....but yes I want to see scandal and crime.

  4. Ha ha! Very amusing blog entry Boo Boo. I loved Barnaby's photos even if it wasn't what you had in mind. Also...maybe a hookarm bride might use the triangular shawl to cover up her hookarm. hee hee....

  5. First off Pammy thank Barnaby - I had such a giggle at the photos, still laughing
    Bridal shawl ?????? - rectangular is more my thoughts, but that really depends on the brides dress. She may really need a triangular shawl

  6. Looking for easy fun pattern for a X-mas blankie I saw... Chek out this one, pretty and simple.


  7. Pammy Sue - I am a ditzoid, so I forgot to ask if you are feeling better. I hope so.


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