Monday, August 30, 2010

Break Time

I took a break from crocheting on the Popcorn Ripple Sunday and made some potholders instead.  This one is my favorite, although it was end-weaving hell.  Thank goodness it was just a potholder!  I saw a scarf like this somewhere, and it was gorgeous.  But I don't think I could handle weaving in that many ends without going bonkers.

I don't know if there's a potholder pattern like this somewhere or not, but I used the tutorial for the Box Stitch HERE to make this, and I used what cotton yarn I had in my stash.

Yes, I ran out of the red yarn I started with and had to resort to using another red I had.  I was so disappointed because this took awhile to do and the difference in the red colors just messes it all up and makes ugly what would have been really pretty.  Hmpf.

The pattern I used is HERE.  (You have to register)

Here they are together.  Dang, that red color change is just glaring.  I may have to rip it out when I get to the store to buy more and fix it.  I just can't look at it.  It bugs me.

I made about 3/4 of another pattern HERE, but it's just a stupid pattern (read:  I screwed it up).  It doesn't make sense to me from Row 7 on.  There isn't an even number of stitches in each petal which cannot be right (but it shows it that way in the pictures).  So I threw a fit and frogged it.  YOU make it using these instructions and impress me.

I took a break from cooking too and made this for dinner.  YUM.  This is the second one of these Family Size dinners from Stouffer's I've made, and they both were really good.

Later, taters.


  1. I love the red one! The design is fabulous :)

  2. Don't rip out the potholder. You were trying to learn the pattern etc. It doesn't have to be perfect. Nice even stitches. Very nice. I lover your sense of humor and look forward to your new postings.

  3. You've been busy- aside from that unfortunate color change, your potholders look very nice. Thanks for that link to the website, I joined because I love trying new patterns and I'm a member of Ravelry, so maybe I can crochet along too.

    Have a nice evening,

  4. The red yarn color change is "shading" my dear and every good artist does that!

    I blogged today.

  5. Love your potholders, especially the first one. The colors are great too.
    Ends, though, yes what a royal pain, huh?

  6. Hi, Your afghan is gonna be so pretty. Love all the texture it has. I know whatcha mean about crocheting in a log cabin, it sure sounds great to me, too.

    I am so glad you posted your flower dish cloth. I ran across the free pattern that I took from the craft shop a few months ago just last night and it doesn't have a clear pic of what it looks like so I was hoping that I'd run across someone, hopefully on ravelry so I could see it better but you posted it and wall...ah! There it is, thanks! Your pic is gonna help trememdously!!! I don't think the 2 reds look too bad but maybe you'd better just "do over" that part so you will love it!

  7. Hey Pam. Both pot holders are great! I cracked up at your post! So me!!!

  8. Nice Pot Holder. Have youe ever tried the Stouffers Macaroni ??

  9. Love your potholders!.. but "Grrr"! I HATE when I run out of yarn too!.. In fact I did recently with that shawl I'm working on! I figured the yardage would be right, using the pound of Caron yarn (which I'm wondering if it runs thicker than Red Heart SS, or what?)... Anyways, it definitely WASN'T enough, so I had to make a bit of a trip to get more of that same brand and dye lot! Well, I'm about 2/3s of the way done with it, and will work some more on it today probably. Despite the one little glitch in the process, I'm still loving how it's coming out so far! ~tina

  10. I LOVE thee way the red worked out . . looks like it is outlined . . and highlights the inner red.. When I saw it I thought, "WOW . . I LIKE"y"!"



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