Thursday, July 01, 2010

Edited to add:  I bought the book with the baby afghan pattern I wanted in it.  So all of you people offering up this pattern to me can disregard.  I mean it.  All of you stop scrambling to help me.  (Not one person!  Hmphf.)

Still waiting for things to settle down around here.  The latest thing was that Barnaby was involved in an accident on Monday on his way home from work.  Nobody was hurt, thank goodness.  But it was just one more thing to add to the list for June.

In the meantime, I've been soothing my soul with crochet.  This is my latest project.  I've had the book the pattern is in for a couple of years, I think, and have stared at this afghan many times.  I've just been too lazy or intimidated or something to start it.  I knew it would be slow-going (and it is) because it's mostly sc stitches, but I'm enjoying it.

Fireside Cheer, by Anne Halliday
Leisure Arts #100318,
Afghans for All Seasons, Book 1

This is what the front cover looks like.

This is someone else's finished afghan using this pattern:

This is Heather414's finished afghan.
Isn't it gorgeous?
I got the photo off of her Ravelry page.


Here are my in-progress photos: 
This is about 10 hours of crochet time.
Cool view.
Close-up of stitches.

I thought I might regret not using one bright color, like red, but I still like it like this.
Too late anyway!


  1. Gorgeous! Im glad your hubby is ok... I know what you mean it has been one thing after another with me also!

  2. P.S. This is not what I would call "soothing" crochet, however. I looks quite mind-consuming to me.

  3. Oh wow! You are going to laugh because just Monday I received my copy of this same book from a seller on Amazon. Isn't that funny? Great minds think alike. This wasn't, however, the pattern I wanted out of it. I purchased it for the Stitch Sampler pattern. You have chosen great colors for this. Love it!

  4. holey, moley! It's a stunning design, and I'm sure well worth the hours invested in making it up.

  5. That is one of the most beautiful afghans I have ever seen... my favorite colors, too... blue and gray... the colors of my tv room. So pretty and you are sooo talented!

    My mom talked me into dying an all white afghan I got from a great aunt for my wedding.... I'm deciding on the color! How cool is that?

  6. What a gorgeous pattern - some work going into that I can see. Sorry to hear of more bad news for you too. Hope July is less crappy for you xx

  7. Wow! Looking so good this pattern! What a big porject!

  8. I love that.. the stitches look so intricate.. and the color is great too.

  9. Very cool. I know I've seen that book floating around here some where. Great color choices, very soothe'ing way to enter the new month.

    Haven't pick up a hook all day. Trying to get the house picked up for the 4th weekend. Not making much headway on that.

    Let's try for a better July.


  10. I really really like this new pattern. It's funny how a different color combination can make the pattern seem different though. Maybe it's just me....

    Sorry to hear that Barnaby was in an accident. I hope he isn't hurting from it. I'm glad everyone walked away though.

  11. The pattern looks intricate, but the colours are really working well together

  12. Hi Pammy Sue!

    I love the colors your using in that afghan!!! In face they would PERFECT in our house...;-)

    I just wanted to let you that I a link on my blog ( myhookandI) for a Yankee Candle coupon that can be printed out if you want to..
    My favorite scent is Home Sweet home... for now anyway...:-)

    Have fun shopping!

    ~ Susan

  13. Wow, that's an awesome bit of hooking you got going on there! After seeing it, I had to dig out my copy of that book and give it a second look. Nice work.

  14. HI Pammy!
    That is absolutly fantastic. I wouldn't have the patience to make something so detailed and complicated. I am blown away.


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