Monday, July 26, 2010


Geez, this is a bad picture...

Blue Doily

Did the first five rounds of THIS PATTERN using Sinfonia (sport weight cotton) yarn and an F hook.  The Sinfonia was a little too stiff for this kind of thing, but I used it anyway.  (There's a joke there somewhere!)  It was a fun distraction from the granny stripes and circles.


It's dark and I just heard thunder roll outside.  Yipee!  We need some rain.

Do you know what I'm doing?  Or I should say, do you know what I'm NOT doing?  I'm NOT working on one of those three afghans I have started.  I'm looking for something new, of course.  Ha!  I'm a spazz.  I have CADD, Crochet Attention Deficit Disorder.  Yes, that must be it.

Now where are my pattern books...


  1. Is CADD contagious? Cuz if it is you have given it me to. Damn it!

  2. Please send that rain my way. I really really don't want to go out and water.

    This is really cool. You are amazing at this lace stuff. and I love the color too.

    Yes, I got the joke... bad Pammie, bad, bad Pammie... Ok our minds think a like.

    Yes, mine do look smaller probably because it's cotton and not acrylic. I'm thinking in the back of my mind that I might try to figure out how to quilt it with a backing. Who know?

    Love the CADD term my clever one. It there good meds for that our do we just suffer with 6 bins like I have right now. Good one.

    Avoiding, yes,
    out to water...i'm over summer today.

  3. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Hi, P.S. Just found your blog today for the first time. I'll be around for sure as I am a bit crochet maniacal myself. I went back and forth between YOUR blue doilie and the pattern link you posted. Several times. So, is the deal that you used a bigger hook and yarn than originally called for? Your picture and their picture look quite different. Could you explain? Love your crochet blog!! Vicki,

  4. Hi! I agree with Kate, you are amazing with lace, it's so pretty and to have summer be over already. Lucky, you get to have some rain. Hmmm, sin-f-stiff, you crack me up. I think I have the CADD, too. I'm hating my cotton yarn right now and want to start another project. Happy book/pattern browsing!

  5. they make a pill for that one?! I thought I was the only one with that disorder! I can always count you to make me smile!

  6. CADD hmm? Don't think I'm likely to consider that *grin*

  7. CADD... LOVE it! Yes, as you look around my own little comfy spot on the couch, you can definitely tell when the symptoms start setting in! I'm down to two of the three projects I was working on these last few days, so I don't think meds will be necessary for the time being! ~tina

  8. I get the same way. I have two large projects that I will pick up because I feel guilty but I love doing little stuff.

    (I haven't forgotten about the wristies...just need to charge my camera battery up)


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