Friday, July 30, 2010

Ramble, Blah, Blah...

I've decided I hate the green shawl I'm making.  I don't like the way the colors of the yarn have worked up.  I'm going to frog it and just wait for the white yarn I ordered from Nordic Mart.  I still love the pattern though.

I made these no-bake bars last night.  I think the butter measurement in the recipe is wrong.  I just used one stick of butter, and it worked out fine.

I was so sick last night when I went to bed.  I was sick because I ate dinner at 9:00 and ate too much.  Then I lay there and whined, and then when it finally passed about thirty minutes later, I couldn't sleep.  I was awake the ENTIRE NIGHT.  I was the crazy lady on a ladder at 3:00 AM trying to cover the little green light on the smoke alarm with duct tape.  That little light has never bothered me before, but suddenly last night it was as bright as the face of the sun to me.  Covering it didn't help though.  Neither did the cinnamon Teddy Grahams I got up and ate.  (After being sick as a dog earlier...I'm so smart.)  I'm glad I rarely have insomnia like that because it made me a crazed woman.  I can't remember all the freaky things I thought about, but it was crazy.

I haven't taken a nap yet because Angelica has been here cleaning since 9:00.  She just left, but I don't feel like I'm sleepy.  I'll probably pass out at 6:00 this evening and be lots of fun.

I don't think I've ever told y'all this, but Sammi smells exactly like chocolate.  It's true!  Come on over and take a whiff.  You'll see.

Oh, I remember one thing I was thinking about...reincarnation.  I'm so deep.  heh-heh.  For some reason I started thinking about THIS STORY.  (Scroll down the page and read the synopsis if you're interested.)  I haven't read the book, but I saw a show about reincarnation a long time ago, and this boy's story was featured with several others.  Very interesting indeed.

God forbid I get up and do something productive instead of letting my mind take me wherever it wants and being miserable.

Okay then.  Nice idiotic ramble, Pammy Sue.  Whatever.  Later.


  1. Hmmmmmm...Sounds like someone needs a mickey in her tea....

  2. That would be perfect, thanks!

  3. I'm amazed you can gather thoughts about reincarnation after a night with no sleep. When that happens to me, my thoughts are all fogged up.

    The shawl CAL is at

    It's really an easy pattern and very cute. I'd love to see what YOU would do with it oh queen of all shawl makers. ;-) You always make such beautiful shawls.

  4. Eeeeeeeeeeeks, did I jinx you after are little talk yesterday afternoon. Hope not... maybe, it that your are practicing waiting for Barney's new 3am arrival home for work.

    You frogged what? Oh, noooooooooooooo..

    Well, I just made some form of that Soup in the crocker. We shall see? I'll let you know.

    Just awoke from my afternoon nap preparing for the weekend. Much brighter now, as I'm the crazy lady in the middle of the night tip-toeing around. My light are all covered, long ago and they shall stay that way.


  5. Hi, Same thing happens to me if I eat too late. Used to be able to eat anything whenever but not anymore. I can't get to sleep and start worrying about all sorts of wild things. I don't drink any caffeine past 2pm or that will keep me awake (but sometimes I do it anyway) then I crochet.

    Shoot, see, I was gonna comment yesterday to you to go check out the forum funnies on ravelry yesterday. They have a post calling Red Heart yarn, slutty yarn; it's hilarious, the postings. Maybe you would have checked that out and laughed instead of having your mind wander so. Darn, I was gonna friend you, too, when I was there, I forgot. I don't go to ravelry as much as I'd like and this week I've been so busy at work I barely get a chance to blog or blog look! Glad you're getting some time to yourself. Can't wait to see whatcha you're gonna make next. Have a fab wknd!

  6. I just ordered that book from for $7.63! You should ask Mom to borrow the book I sent her a couple of months ago. It's called Looking for Carrol Beckwith and it's a reincarnation story written by a Policeman.

    I had insomnia last night too!!! How weird, huh? I have been sleeping good for at least a week and a half and then for no reason I could think of, I could not sleep last night. I'm hoping I sleep tonight. Usually, when I have insomnia I can't nap either.

  7. Pam~ you are so funny!

    The No Bake Bars look wonderful. I am straving but determined not to snack grr. makes me grumpy!
    Lately the flashing light (ever so faint but irratates the crap out of me) is really bugging me when I cant sleep.
    I love Teddy Grahams. Sergio left me a bag of Oreos before going to Michigan & I swear I her them calling me to eat them w/ a tall glass of milk...
    I wish Riley smelled like Chocolate, Hell, I wish she would smell like anything other than Hound Dog (they get stinky ear smell, even when their ears are clean!)
    Books? Today I picked up Elizabeth Brundage's "The Doctor's Wife" and "Somebody Else's Daughter" as well as Rebecca Wells Ya-Ya Blooms audio book.
    Reincarnation? I dont really believe in it but if it is true, I want to come back as one of your dogs...
    Love you! Sweet Dreams!♥

  8. Hiya Pammy Sue: I hope you sleep blissfully tonight. All annoying green lights are covered here too and even though it may be tiny it can seem as bright as day sometimes. Get some rest. PS Posy says hey to Eli, Sammie and Fletcher!

  9. I just love you to pieces Pammie Sue.

    I read that entire entry after taking a sleeping pill... jut got off of work... 12 hour shift at the maternity ward.

    And I do have to say that...

    I get it.

    We all sound nonsensical to others from time to time... but to us... it makes PERFECT sense.

    I am working on that scarf... I love it too much to pull it out and start over... but it is not laying flat as I'd prefer... I need to consult with you on this matter real soon.

    Off to bed I go. Top of the mornin to ya... I have a wee bit of a european accent in my thoughts... don't mind me. Carry on.


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