Thursday, July 15, 2010


Got your attention, dinnit?

But it's not THAT kind of nookie.  My hubbie brought this home to me last night:
The Nook from Barnes & Noble

Now I can purchase and read digital books.  Yea!  When you're setting it up, there's a place where you can name your Nook.  I named mine Nookie, hence the title of this post.  I'm sure that is very original...NOT, but I was in a hurry to start.

Thank you all for your book recommendations.  I didn't download one single thing last night because I spent a three hours browsing the books and trying to make up my mind and never could pull the trigger!  I think Barnaby just needs to pick something for me the first time.  It's kind of freaking me out, and I don't know why.  Weirdo.  It's not like it would be the first time I bought a book I didn't read because I didn't like it.
Lookie what I've been doing.

They are easy to do and go quickly once you get the pattern down in your head.  I decided to just start making the circles and do the white edging in batches.  I'm not sure I like that orange & yellow one.  That's some yarn that I died with Kool Aid months ago.  The other is the same yarn I made the scarf out of last weekend.  I found another ball.  I'd forgotten that I bought two skeins.

I got a bunch of yarn in the mail yesterday.  I'm going to try making a square like this with the three colors of Noro and two colors of the DROPS Fabel I got.  I'm hoping they'll block out to be the same size as these I've already made and look good together.

If you want to make some too, HERE is the free pattern pdf.

I must go work now.  Ta-ta.


  1. Oh you are going to L U V your Nook. I named my Snooky. I have some books I could "loan" you on it. I'll make a list and email them to you. You can have them for two weeks on loan. That way you don't have to buy them. Isn't that a great idea?

    What a pretty square. I don't think I'd seen that one before.

  2. What a sweetie your hubby is to bring you home such a great gift. I love the name BTW!!! What are you going to make with all those neat squares? I really like the pattern. That is so cool that you lived in the Philippines. I was a trainer for a call center several years ago and had to go there on 2 occasions for 7 weeks each time. First time I was in Manila, stayed in the business district of Makati. Second time they opened a new call center in Santa Rosa, so I stayed in the Alabang area. It was great, the Filipino people are the sweetest, nicest people ever.

  3. Ohh I love your new square it is funny had found this pattern last week and thought it was interesting too, now I will have to give it a try love the colors your using too. Soooooo we got some nookie there (he he) that is great now you can read your books and get them even faster. I have a IPad got that from Dad for my birthday. I love how many things you can do on it. I also use it to read with too. I love your blog it makes sunshine in my day, I thank you for that. Take care my friend.

  4. fun! A new toy! Also, love the new squares you are working on. That afghan was so pretty that you showed a few posts back. Anyway, love it!

  5. Just thought I'd give you a heads up on a book I heard was really good. It is called "The Help" and the author is Kathryn Stockett. I don't know anything about it, but saw something on someone's blog today and she thought it was a great book.

  6. Pammy Sue ...we got home from Amish land and skyped you a little late but ...guess what? we have a new member...I like the new granny square. We figured you have disowned us but we still love ya no matter what

  7. Hey Ms. Pammy Sue!! Sorry I have not been commenting on your posts. But I was looking through my posts that I have missed lately and saw that you had gotten a nook, and I thought that was so cool because we just now got one too! And let me tell you, It ROCKS!!! Hope you enjoy your nook!!

    ~ Hunter

  8. Oh I love that square/circle granny. I may have to try it.

    Amish country was a bust today... very commercialized and un-primitive. Was hoping to report really neat-o yarn crafts to ya'll today... but only a few "machine" quilts and mugs and keychains that touted the Amish. We did see some horses and buggies... and we did eat a nice meal... that was priced higher than a prime rib steak.

    I bought some raspberry jam... hope its good... lots of baked items... and a square of praline fudge.

    It was hot hot hot and muggy... blech. Thank God for diet coke.

    Free yarn in the mail must have been WONDERFUL!

  9. Very interesting new pattern. Can't wait to see it made into something to get the overall effect.
    And I would love to know more feedback on your Nookie. They are starting to grab my attention, but I'm still leaning to the paper version - so far

  10. What a great square!! Really nice! If you like, I have a link party on my blog right now. I would love it if you'll add something.

  11. I so like these.... I'm going to have to check out this pattern. You know I have a lot of varigated straglers around.

    Hey, I made your lace scarf in the car on the way up and back. Just so I don't scream at the driver... he-he... hope to show and tell soon.

    Off to see what else I've missed while gone.



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