Thursday, July 08, 2010

More Pretties

peach rose earrings

Pretty, and I would have bought them if they were smaller.

purple rose necklace

Pretty, but I probably like it only because it’s purple and I also have a thing for pearls lately.  Didn’t buy it either.  It needs a longer chain.  I know I could buy that separately, but whatever.  I don’t like that silver post sticking out from the bottom of the pearl.  Picky, ain’t I?

birdies necklace

Cute, cute, cute!  Didn’t buy it either.  I think I’m just being a tight wad because of all the money we were forced to spend in June on unfun things.

All of these things can be found and purchased HERE.  I have no affiliation with this shop or the person who owns it.

I’ve got nothing else.


  1. Where the heck were you? Hope all is well and you were just of browsing around blogland. We missed you at the CCC meeting this afternoon....

    I love the last one. My fav. But, the budget is blown here too. June seemed to be when all the things that shouldn't break, broke.

    Off to fix dinner,
    Kate - G.B.

  2. You are soooo cute! I look forward to see what you post everyday, you bring a smile to my face!I know what you mean about being a tightwad! I have gotten to where I can't even buy myself a book since I've discovered my public library! The older I get, the worse I get!

  3. How pretty Pam! I like the little birdies best though.

    Hugs XX

  4. Pammy!

    Go check my blog... :-)

    ~ Susan

  5. Fun shopping with you! You sound like me, "Oh I like that, but I don't want it".
    I finally bite the bullet & paid to get my blog published. Details are on my current posting. You need to do this! You will love havig it in print (however~ you may need several volumes or need to narrow it down a bit!
    Love to you Pam~ Have a wonderful weekend!


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