Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm Here

We've been back since Wednesday night.  I've been waiting for some inspiration to smack me up side the head, but it hasn't and I thought I should at least pop in and say thank you all for all of your sweet comments.  So thank you all very much.

I haven't crocheted a lick since Monday, but I did make 3/4ths of a circle a little while ago.  Woot.

Do you feel the non-enthusiam dripping from my pores?  I am totally low on energy.  Who knew that Good & Plenty doesn't have all the nutrients your body needs?  The back of the box says there are 4.5 servings in a box.  I'm so sure!


  1. Welcome home. Take it easy. It must be the full moon tonight. No motivation here today either.

  2. heh heh heh...yeah those serving sizes crack me up too!

  3. Hi!

    Where have you been? But welcome back...:-)


  4. 4 or 5 Servings in a box sounds like 3or 4 pieces per serving. To me it is one big serving. They do tend to go very fast I use to buy them when I was a kid at the movie theater have not had them in years. Biggest downfall for a while was twizzlers I don't dare bring them in they gone before you know it. It so good to have you back miss the sunshine you send each day my way. Take care my friend.


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