Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gimme a Book Title

One of my roses after it rained a couple of days ago.
Pretty good picture for a crappy little camera...
(As long as you don't look at GB's pictures!)

I haven't felt like crocheting on big projects for many days now.  I haven't worked on either of my afghans or really much of anything.  I made a silly little Blackberry holder, and I started another scarf but frogged it last night because I decided I didn't like it.

I did shop online over the weekend and ordered some yarn.  I think I ordered from three or four different places -- eBay, etsy, Nordic Mart -- not a lot of any one thing.  It's mostly yarn for shawls and/or scarves since that's what I feel like doing lately.  Oh, and I got a couple of different colorways of Noro (on sale) just in case I can stockpile enough to make one of those gorgeous afghans I showed y'all a few days ago...the one with the circles in the squares.  I might have enough yarn and be able to finish it by 2020 if I start now.

IS SUMMER OVER YET???  BLEH!  Sorry for yelling, but I hate summer.

What else?  Hmm...

Oh, I printed out THIS RECIPE a day or two ago.  I'm going to make one soon.  It's such a pretty dessert and would be perfect for Three O'Clock Coffee some afternoon.  You'll definitely see a picture of it when I make it.

I made chili in the crock pot yesterday.  It makes for several good meals.  Last night I made chili soft tacos (used some of the leftover greens and cilantro from the Asian salad), we're having omelets with chili on top tonight, and then we'll probably have Frito Pie or I'll make some dip out of the rest.

I'm nearly finished with the last Twilight book.  I'm reading just a few pages and then putting it down to try and make it last.  How dumb.  But I don't want it to end!  What will I do when there are no more to read besides wait for the next?

Somebody stop my madness and suggest a good book, will ya?  I like to read pretty much anything.  What is the best book you've ever read?  That's the caliber of book I want.


  1. I like Kathleen Woodiwiss books - they're love stories.

    "The Flame and The Flower"
    "The Wolf and The Dove"
    "Ashes in The Wind"

  2. Damn that car service center. They just called and woke me from a good read and nap to let me know it's going to be another $200.00 and trans fluid or something like that.

    Any ways, over half way through The Passage is great in the first part slow in the middle and picking up again.... Enjoyable.

    Loved A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, old, but classic.

    Loved, A Forgotten Garden.

    That's it for now. Great rose picture my friends. Better than you think.

    Now, let see where was I in that dream????????


  3. I like that circles and squares afghan, too. I downloaded one off Red Heart's website, let's see when I get to it.

  4. Try ONE FOR THE MONEY by Janet Evanovich. It's funny and a short read plus there are about 15 more in that series that are already out in paperback so you won't have to wait to read the next one!

    Yum! Frito Pie! (smile)

  5. I too was in love with Twilight books. Read them slowly not wanting them to end..
    I like reading books by Dorthea Benton Frank.. She writes love stories about women our age, not firm, maybe with some gray and some lines in their face, but still sexy..and some wonderful southern settings/carolinas/ and great food..
    I read The little giant of Aberdeen County last year..could not put it down..even read in bathroom at work and car at lunch took me about two days to read..About a woman born a giant and in the 40/50's did not know how to diagnose and how she was treated.. amazing story
    Also Glass castle about a woman who's family was homeless her whole life and how she ended up on CNN.. amazing what they did to survive.. eat food out of garbage cans at school...Just amazing story, she overcame...We got it good compared to some..Probably more information than you needed!

  6. Pammy!

    Take a look at my erading list! The books are all good.

    So I'm not the only one who doesn't care too much for summer. Fall is my favorite season!!!

    I made an afghan laster year when we went to Michigan for our vacation. I need to start another one. But I'm trying to figure out what colors to use, what yarn to use, what stitches to use. etc. etc.

    I have alwaus wanted a plain white one. They look so CLASSIC. so clean.
    I found a store that carries the Lily Creme & Sugar for only 1.69 !!!
    It's Meijer. I might load up on the white cotton yarn and try it!!! The price is right on it!!!


  7. I would suggest Narnia. I really enjoy the series. My favorite book is The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Let me know if you decide to try it. The books are awesome!!!!

  8. The rose is beautiful Pam! You'll get your crochet groove back on pretty soon. You must have just needed a break.

    Hugs XX

  9. What a beautiful rose! There is nothing more beautiful that a flower with dew/rain drops! As for books...I too read the Twilight books. It was totally not my "type" of theme to read. I just had to find out what the hype was about! I saw the 1st movie but cannot watch the others as nothing could compair to my vision of the books! Crazy huh? My most favorite is Memoirs of a Geisha...a must read!

  10. Tolkein's trilogy, and anything by Lovecraft. Of course, there are gazillions of books out there, depends what you're looking for .

  11. Sorry I can't recommend any books since I've not sat down to finish one and when I read, it's usually not novels, but learning about the bees or patterns or stuff like that...I do know what you mean about summer, though, it's not my favorite time of year. I wouldn't mind the heat so much if it weren's to gosh darn humid too.
    You'd best get started on that circles in squares afghan if you want it finished by 2020 ;-)

    I have to bake something today - I have so many blueberries and it'll have to be a pie since I have a couple of Ritz frozen pie shells in the freezer (yeah, I cheat because i make a lousy pie crust)

    Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend and found something fun to read :-)

    Best wishes,


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