Monday, July 05, 2010

Crochet & Food & Stuff

I made myself a couple of new cup cozies.
I use them all day every day.
Isn't Granny Cozy purdy?

Making progress on the afghan,  although I haven't crocheted as much as I thought I would over the holiday weekend.  (No, I didn't get those ends woven in.)
Click the picture for a better look.

Sinfonia yarn is on sale at Hobby Lobby this week for $3.66.

I made Asian Noodle Salad this morning.  I LOVE THIS SALAD!  It's so fresh-tasting.  The only drawback is that it takes forever to prepare everything for it.  Barnaby begs me to make this and I usually refuse, but today he got his wish.  I told him if he went to the grocery store and got everything I needed for it, I'd make it.  So I did.  You will not regret it if you make it.  And it makes a TON.

I chop all the veggies and cabbage and put them in large ziplock bags.  Then I boil the linguini and add a little oil and put it in a bag too.  Then I mix the dressing ingredients (except cilantro) in a jar with a lid.  Then just before we're ready to eat, I pull out just enough from each bag for us both and put it in a big bowl.  That way we can have it leftover without it becoming too soggy.  Just pull out what you want each time, add enough dressing to suit your taste, and put the rest back in the fridge.

I'm also making some Steakhouse Dark Wheat Bread in my bread machine right now.  It's starting to smell really good.  There's nothing better than smelling a yeast bread baking (except eating it!).

I picked up the last book in the Twilight series again last week and started reading it.  It's so good.  I'll be sad when I done and there are no more left to read.  I'm sure there'll be more written in the future.  I'll just have to wait along with everybody else.

We did not go see Knight & Day at the movies over the weekend.  Neither one of us felt like getting out.

That is all.


  1. Umm Yum! Thanks for sharing! Great post...Blanket looks great!

  2. You're making me tired just reading about all the things you are up to. I do believe that your afghan is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. What gorgeous work.

    Save some salad for me!

  3. How'd ya make that granny cozy? I love it... can you share with us how you did it?? And I want to try that salad too, it looks so yummy.

  4. Your afghan is coming along beautifully and I love the colors you chose. My sister makes a salad similar to the one you wrote about. Storing everything separately is a great idea! :-)

  5. Pammy Sue!

    I made that Asian Salad 2 days ago... I still have plent in the fridge! It is SO GOOD!

    I didn't put Jalpenos in it though. My tummy doesn't like those.

    Just wanted to say THANKS for ther recipe!!!



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