Monday, July 05, 2010


I had to come back and post again to show you something bee-U-tee-ful...

OMG, isn't it pretty?  I want it!

I have the pattern because it was in Crochet Today Magazine.  It's also a freebie on the Red Heart Website.  It's "Sunny Spread" by Ellen Gormley if you want to Google it or look it up on Ravelry.  (I'm too lazy at the moment to put in the link.)  This particular one was done by "fiveoaks66" on Ravelry.  She has a lot of different pictures of it there.  I'd seen the pattern many times, but it's never looked this beautiful before.  It's the Noro yarn she used to do the circles with.  It would cost a fortune to buy all those colors, which is why I won't be making it unless I win the lottery!


  1. I love that blanket....oh..and where did you get the cupcozy pattern..or did u just willy?
    What is Noro yarn?

  2. Yes! That afghan is gorgeous! I know how you feel though, about spending all that money on all those yarn colors. I get that way about stained glass too!

    That noodle salad looks so good. I know I have the recipe but I haven't made it yet. Your idea about keeping ingredients separate so you can use the left overs is a great one!


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