Wednesday, June 02, 2010

An Update & Pie

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I've done a few more rows since I took this picture this morning.  As you can see, I've copied the graph pages from the book.  I always like to do that with patterns that are in a book because I like to write on the pattern and mark my place, etc.  This way I don't mark up my book.  I always keep my copied pattern with my notes folded in the book when I'm finished.  I did manage to blow it up by 15% and most of it stayed on the page.

It's so easy to get lost in these charts moving your eyes back and forth from the page to your crochet.  I started marking off rows with a green highlighter after I'd finished them so I could easily see where I was with just a glance.

I still have no idea what those RED arrows are for.  Usually things in RED are important, but I've yet to figure it out.  They are pointing in completely different directions than you are crocheting.  Maybe in Japan things in RED mean, "IGNORE ME, I MEAN NOTHING," ya think?  Yeah, me neither.  We shall see. 

If anyone has a clue, please help me see the light before I get too far to correct whatever it is if that's necessary.

I did take a break from it early this afternoon to put together a pumpkin pie so it would have time to cool and refrigerate before Barnaby got home.  It's his favorite.  I know it's not the right time of year, but who cares?  We still can't buy pumpkin here after the shortage last pumpkin season, but I managed to squirrel away a couple of cans when they were available during the winter.

Mmm, can you taste it?  It was GOOD.
Even if it is a gazillion degrees outside.



  1. pumkin pie is good any time, it doesn't have to be just winter and fall......I make all kinds of pumpkin deserts, any time I get a craving

  2. Sorry I can"t help you out on what the red marks are for. Maybe their pen ran out of ink and all they had was a red pen to use. *LOL* But that pie looks delicious, I'll be right over.

  3. Ummm, that pie looks great! Have you ever made pumpkin butter? I've made some that past two years and the family loves it. I even start out with the real thing, not canned. But you can used canned pumpkin. It's almost like spreading pumpkin pie filling on your biscuit. You are just super talented to be doing that shawl? I don't know how to read graphs yet but want to learn this year if possible.

    Hugs XX

  4. Living in NZ pumpkin pie is on the list 'weird things that Americans eat'
    Never had - looks good though :) Just can't imagine it as a dessert, specially when I just had pumpkin soup for lunch *grin*

    Your crochet looks like an ancient egyptian collar - very pretty!

  5. I'm thinking a nice cup of Starbucks to go with my piece of pie. YUMMMMM!!! Wish I had some right this minute....I'm starving!

  6. maybe the red arrows are pointing in the direction your should crochet?
    You get canned pumpkin, I cook,mash and freeze my own. LOL:::

  7. 1st pumpkin pie I ever made was from a "pie pumpkin." My friend, the gardener, gave it to me and said it was easy . . she was right. The hardest thing was not eating it all at one setting.

    With a lover of pumpkin pies, you need to plant some pumpkin seeds and store the little buggers when they mature for "future" use.

    :0} paula

  8. Forget about those Aussie. They wouldn't know a good pie if they got one in their face. Remember they eat that thing called vegemite....icks....te-he..


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