Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today & Randomnimity

No, that's not a word.  I just made it up and I like saying it.  I like saying the real word "Serendipity" too.

I don't feel like writing in normal paragraphs today so you are getting a list of random things.  Here we go...

1.  We went to the mall today for the first time in a long time and shopped our asses off.  (Barnaby and me)  We said we were going to stay home all weekend because it's too hot, but we lied.

2.  I was sweating profusely and about to have a heat stroke when we left.  And that was INSIDE the mall in the air conditioning.

3.  I'm pissed that I bought some clothing at a fat lady store and it fits, and it wasn't the smallest thing either.  I need to go on a diet.  But will I?  We are at mission critical here.

4.  Our neighbor just called. Barnaby has been getting their Wall Street Journal and mail every day this past week because he thought they were gone out of town camping. They aren't leaving until tomorrow. Hee-hee!

5.  That blueberry-banana cream pie was really good, but it was really really rich.  We gave a good bit of it away to my sister and her husband, and my mom and dad also had some.

6.  It's too HOT.  I sweat like a pig.  I am a sweater.  Not a sweater like a heavy top, but a sweater as in I sweat a LOT.  Got it?

7.  I love amethyst...the color and the stone.  I am attracted to it.  I bought another piece of jewelry with amethyst in it today and I can't quit looking at it.

8.  I also bought a toe ring.  I have no idea why.  It was just an impulse buy I guess.  Stupid for a 49-year-old lady.

9.  I just recently discovered Sinfonia yarn.  I mean, I've seen it forever, but I've never bought any or crocheted with it until now.  I really love it.  It looks great and feels great to crochet with.

10.  I made some black bean & corn salsa this morning. This is the fourth time this week I've made some type of salsa.

11.  I like to play THIS GAME because I like to type.  I type for a living and I KICK ASS on this game.

12.  I also like to do crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles.  And I like to play cribbage too.  I can never remember how to play it though.  I have to read the rules and instructions every time I play it because I forget.

13.  My husband said I need to cut down on the amount of coffee I drink.  I nearly came unglued and attached myself to his face like that thing in that Alien movie.  Step away from my coffee!  My coffee consumption is none of your beeswax.  I mean it.

14.  Is summer over yet?  It's HOT!  Am I repeating myself?  Have I mentioned I'm fat?  I guess it's time to go then.


  1. A toe ring???.....Good God!
    I changed my blog music to something soothing just for you

  2. Lol - #13 sounds like me.

  3. A toe ring is not dumb at any age. Enjoy yourself and your toe ring.

  4. Nothing like a sweatie 49 yr old in a mall with a toe ring to get me chuckling this evening. Except for one with a big dribble of salsa on the front of her shirt. Run, run for the hills and fast.

    This quick break into your day brought a smile to my face. Now, I get to head back down and act like I'm interested in the movie Scooter picked out. 2 hours of insane stupid comedy crap before I can call it another day. As tomorrow, we are off to Joliet to see his Mom. No, she's not in prision, but this trip will be like a day at the pen for me. I'm thinking the CCC. may think us old gals are not cases. But, just wait, they don't know what they are in for.

    I so, just want to sit and hook. But, say rain every day here for the next 10. Seriously, I was looking for my ruby slippers last night.

    So just where did you find that yarn? Jo., Michs, H.L.... I know like I need anymore...

    One can only dream,

  5. Dontcha know that the clothes now a days are made to be worn skin tight so if you want looser clothes ya gotta go to fat lady stores?! lol!

  6. Toe rings can be sexy, no matter what age. But if you have ugly feet, maybe not. Or hairy feet.

    I'm fat too! But you don't look it.

  7. sweat? I feel for you...LOL...I'm still having hot flushes, day and night, no end in sight.
    Have a good weekend. :)

  8. Kate You are a HOOT!

    Pammy Sue, I feel for you and I know what you mean. I've got 2 stones and then some to lose as well. (30 lbs) I got the giveaway prize yesterday in the mail. So Interesting! Thanks a Bunch!!!!! Have a Wonderful Father's Day and a good Sunday!

  9. I got the Sinfonia at Hobby Lobby!

  10. I'm #3 too - I HATE dieting. No willpower at all. After one day I'm climbing the walls. I'm soooo jealous of people who can eat what they want and never put an ounce on - it's so bloody unfair sometimes.

    Don't feel so bad - you're not alone with this one xxxx


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