Wednesday, June 02, 2010


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I'm enjoying my last day of vacation here at home in my happy place crocheting!  My sister got off to the airport this morning and will soon be in her happy place in Southern California.  We had a good time and it was a nice visit.


I went link-crazy in my entry today.

I stumbled onto a blog this morning and saw THIS.  What a cool thing to do!  I want to try it now.  It would be so neat to crochet with something so personally-made.  I'm going to have to go out and hunt for the perfect stick.  Whittling!  Who would have thunk it?

I frogged the shawl I had started that was in the Most Expensive Japanese Crochet Book in the World.  I decided I wanted to order another kind of yarn to make it with.  I ordered some Drops Delight yarn from Nordic Mart on Friday night and got it yesterday.  They were very fast.  So I started it over and am very happy with the way it looks with the new yarn.  I can't wait to finish it and show it to first crocheted item from a chart only!  It's going prety easily so far following the chart.  What I need to do is take the time to get the chart blown up bigger so it's not such a strain to see.  I'd have to take it somewhere like Kinko's to be done and I don't see that happening.

Anyway, here's the Most Expensive Japanese Crochet Book in the World with a picture of the shawl I'm making on the cover.  If you're a member, you can see this shawl that others have made on Ravelry here:  Crescent Moon Shawl


It's been so HOT around here this last week.  Ugh.  Here we go into the dog days of summer when it's oppressively hot.  I prefer the dead of winter any day!

I'm off to crochet the rest of the day.  Yipee!! 

Go find a stick and we'll whittle a crochet hook together!  I'll be back with my stick and some pictures tomorrow...

Y'all have a happy day too.


  1. What a pretty wrap. Are you making it for yourself or as a gift to me? ;-)

  2. Love the shawl! Can't wait to see it when it's done! Just finished the "New Moon" book. Once I got to about chapter 5, I couldn't put it down!! I'll be starting the third book tonight, and Dear Daughter wants to bring the second movie over now! Have you read them ALL already?.. I'm trying to finish one last beanbag kitty, then I'd like to start a G.G.'s pillow!.. Well, it's hot here today, but we are definitely not hitting the temps YOU are! Keep Cool! ~tina

  3. Pammy Sue, If you start whittling your own hooks.....i will presume youve lost it. Love the shaw. Where the heck do you live?

  4. First, we aren't much better here.

    Can't wait to see your progress. Is it easier than it looks on those charts. I just need time to focus.

    Spent the day with my mom, so nothing done here. Can't wait for tomorrow. Nothing....yipee perfect for me to get back to things.

    Glad to hear you had a nice visit with the sis. But, bet you are glad to get back to normal.

    Off to check out the yarn site. By the way, Scooter is actually totally cool with my yarn purchases so far.


  5. Love that shawl! I know yours is going to be just as lovely! Can't wait to see the finished product.



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