Thursday, June 24, 2010

It pisses me off when I see headlines like this...

"McCartney Hot Under the Collar Toward Global Warming Skeptics"
Who gives a crap what Paul McCartney thinks?  Why does anything he thinks or does matter one iota to anyone?  How does that warrant a headline?  He sings songs for Pete's sake!  And not good ones either!  AND he has no lips!  Bleh!

I hereby declare this bullshit.  Goodbye.


  1. That guy has been saying all kinds of stupid things lately. It certainly is annoying how many musicians and actors seem to think that their personal opinions need to be broadcast near and far.

  2. True girl, so true !!

  3. But he was my childhood love! I agree, that he's not the person with any real expertise on global warming. Entertainers should stick to what they do best--entertain.

  4. I see you are in a much better mood today.....giggle-giggle... I couldn't agree more with this ....

    Hope things are settling down more for you as we near the weekend.

    Wow.... you are up to 130 now, way too go. Keep on rocking along, we love ya, even when you are in a real ...not great mood....

    Actaully glad ccc got cancel today, the day got away from me.

    Can't wait to have you back around.


  5. It's not the celebrities spouting their mouths off that matter. It's the regular people (of which I think I'm one, sometimes hehe)that matter in the way the world is taken care of. Is he contributing anything but his mouth to a solution to the problem? I think not. I've been gone a few days but I want you to know that I love your Claudia scarf.

    Hugs XX


  6. True that Pammie Sue.
    True dat.

  7. If he was that bothered he'd have stuck his hands into those billions he's got in the bank and spread a little money love out to those folks who are researching into preventing it - oh and he'd maybe stop flying about the world in bloody jets. Oh no sorry - that's just crazy talk ain't it!

    One word for him hypocrite - if you look in the dictionary its very near to Royal Family and Politicians.

    Sorry - little rant over but these sort of people make me fume!!!


  8. High Five Sista!!!

  9. I hearby declare you....right.
    I wish all the Hollywood types and singers would keep their pie holes shut ...Perform ass holes,and thats it ...."Thats what got you rich in the first place ...not your political views".
    Pammy, whenever I hear one of them say something that is freak like and toooo liberal and whack job for me...I ban them...No movies...No shows, and no CDs or downloads if your a flake.


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