Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I Won Too

I was a Giveaway Winner too!

I won Sunflowerz Crochet giveaway back in mid-May.  I didn't receive my package until the day she went into the hospital for surgery and didn't want to post about it until she was out and well enough to see it.

Look at this totebag she made me!  I love that crocheted flower on the front.  I've already been using it to carry around my Rum Ripple Blanket when I'm working on it.  And that's not all...

Look what was stuffed inside!

She also made this pretty hook case and those two kitchen towel hangers.  I also got a flower afghan pattern booklet, a pineapple throw pattern (because she knows I love anything with crocheted pineapples), and a magnetic bookmark.

Thank you so much, Sandy!
You are so generous and sweet to include all these neat things.

And I hope you continue to get well and feel better each day.


  1. Wow, so a cute tote and so beautiful other things. Congrat to you!

    I were happy too, when i won this. But i never win... I wait of the day, i have luck and win. Someday...

    Lovely greets,

  2. Awww Pammy how Sweet! I too hope Sandy is doing MUCH better! I see you are enjoying it as much as Sandy did in making it and giving it away :)

  3. Clap, Clap, Quack, Quack. You are one lucky duck. Very cute.


  4. Wow! Lucky girl! So nice..Congrats..

  5. I'm so glad you like everything! Vaughnde is right, I so enjoyed making everything and putting it together for you. Thanks so much for the well wishes, each day is getting better. After venturing out of the house for the first time today, I realized it will be slow going for awhile, but I am doing okay. Hope to be back and blogging soon! xxx Sandy

  6. Lucky! What a beautiful prize

  7. And the crowd roars...........What a winning! How nice for you Pam and how very sweet of Sandy to make you so many things.

    Hugs XX

  8. Ha ha! I can see me on your refrigerator!


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