Monday, June 14, 2010

I Have More For You Today

Yes, it's me again.  I wanted to show you my shawl with the flower I made to go on it.  Not sure it matches all that great, but it's pretty anyway.


My DROPS Cotton Viscose yarn I got in the mail.
Shades of gray, black, and white.
It's so pretty and soft and silky!

You'll see another day what I'm making out of it.
But I'm pleased as punch with it.


I also wanted you to see the flower "scarf" with the extra strand added.
I made 13 flowers on the pink one and 14 flowers on the second one.
Pretty, huh?  Quick & Easy!
HERE is the pattern again.

And finally...

Yikes!  Sammie or...

Marty Feldman?



  1. I think Sammie has a new name... Marty it is. Just what I needed was a good laugh today.

    Your new yarn is wonderful. Love the deep, rich colors.

    Off to think about dinner,

  2. HA HA HA! The Sammi picture cracked me up!

    I love the flower scarf with the extra strands....very cool....very "hippie". Love it!

    I like the flower on your flower fringe shawl but I think it should be a different color. It's a great idea for finishing that shawl off. just got it goin' on!

  3. Pam I love them all! Especially the shawl though. The new yarn you just received is just so warm and wonderful.
    Marty Feldman??? hehe You are really clever girl.

    Hugs XX

  4. Love he shawl very much..great post
    Hugs x

  5. Your whole post made me smile. I wanted to reach in and touch that yarn. How beautiful! I can't wait to see it worked up.

  6. Hi Pam, OMG, you make me laugh...Sammy or Marty!! Love the flower necklace/scarf. The flower brooch looks lovely on your new shawl! Can't wait to see whatcha make with the new yarn :) Ann

  7. I LOVE the extra strand!!!!! I am sooo gonna make one like yours!!!!!



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