Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dye Failure & Baby Pattern

I dyed some yarn this afternoon to try and match some Wool Ease that I had bought on clearance about a year ago.  That's it on the right-hand side.  I was going for the burgundy-ish color.  I used two packets of Black Cherry Kool Aid and one packet of Grape.

I think it's too light.  Bummer.  We'll see for sure once it's dry.  I don't know if I can re-dye it and get it darker or not.

I'm reposting the following because nobody has said they have the pattern and will share it yet....

Does anybody have the crochet pattern book, "Heirl**m Afghans for B*by” by Leisure Arts, with the pattern on the the front cover “Exquisite"? Um, can I have it? Ha-ha-ha. I've been so blunt today. No sense in beating around the bush, is there?

I'm willing to trade you something for it and send you your shipping cost. I have lots of patterns & books. Just ask. Or you could just scan that particular pattern and email it, or copy that one pattern and mail it...whatever. I don't need the whole book.

(I put those ** in there on purpose so nobody googling it will hit this page and see what a criminal I am.)


  1. Anonymous2:23 PM

    I thought the yarn was ground hamburger in a pan, at first. BP

  2. Wish I had that pattern for you. Sorry :(

    I'm impressed with your mad yarn dying skillz.

  3. Still don't have that book.

    If you think it's not dark enough. Put it back in again, you can do that. Also, maybe a little more vinegar. I actually like that color.

    At wits end here, 24 down and 24 to go. Just spent the last hour in log-me-in helping my Mom. Hair pulling, eye rolling.

    I don't even feel like blog hopping around tonight. I'm going to go and sit in front of the T.V. and veg-out.

    Did I tell you I picked up a mag abut spinning today while at Borders. Talk about eye rolling, that was my Scotter. I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

    One last thing, Glad we are straightened out on the yarn from H.L. But, I love the KnitPicks the best.

    Throw it in with some Kool-Aid, or head over to our U.K. friends and just drink some of their sugarie sweet stuff.

    Out of here,

  4. I can't believe you dye your own yarn. That just slays me....

  5. Put it back in with more koolaid, a bit more vinegar and redo the dyeing. You can overdye as much as you want until it gets to almost black. See if you can pick up some wiltons and dye with that as well. Experiment with food coloring as that will also work. Check out the Ravelry Group What a Kool way to Dye.


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