Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday Declaration(s)

I started making this last night while watching TV.  I was just bored and didn't want to crochet on anything I had already started.  I don't know how that's possible with six or seven projects already started, but it happened. 

This pattern is written stupidly, by the way.  And the chart is just wrong.  I went by the chart and finally just had to guess at what it really meant.  Stupid charts.  Well, here.  Let me show you what it says.  And I quote...(except for the red -- that's me.  Duh.)

Shawl: Crochet 6 ch with crochet hook size 5 mm with white and form a ring with a sl st in first ch. (Wow...that is a packed sentence.) Continue in M.1 and stripes – see above. (Huh?) Continue in M.1 with inc. NB! (Huh again?  What the hell is "NB!"?  And why is there an exclamation mark?  Don't yell at me in a crochet pattern!) On every 3rd row crochet 4 tr groups in the middle ch, not 2.  (4 tr groups is impossible to put into one chain unless you are crocheting with one strand of hair.)  Discontinue inc after row 15 and now crochet 2 tr groups in the middle ch until finished measurements. Cut the thread and fasten end after the last row = 41 rows in total.  (Whatever, bitch.  You lost me at Crochet 6 ch.  Oh, and your accent is stupid.)

Anyway, I just wanted to show it to you and tell you that my husband said it was ugly!  Okay, maybe I wouldn't wear it to church or the symphony or maybe not anywhere, but I hereby declare that it is NOT ugly.  So there.

I also hereby declare that I will never go to a symphony.


  1. Yeah- That stuff lost me at ch 6, too....

  2. Pammy Sue: Oh my gosh..Your so funny..I so enjoyed reading this after the day I have had. Thank You!

  3. It IS NOT ugly!!!! Tell Barnaby that I might have to come out there and kick his butt if he is going to talk like that about your art!

    I think the NB! means one of the following:

    1. NOT BLOND!
    2. NOT BORING!
    4. NO BRAINS!

  4. so funny! :D
    well, I guess you didn't look over the whole pattern. ahem.
    I believe that NB means nota bene, or something to that matter, a sort of "watch out", I've seen it before.

  5. I was crackin' up! I checked in on my break at work and your post is just what I needed to get me to 5:00! The color selection is great, the project, I'm not crazy about! I would would love those colors in a pillow or small throw! I may just have to get some of those colors and try a new project myself! Keep up the inspiration!

  6. It is NOT ugly, it´s beautiful. I like the colours. They show so summerlike. I love it. Really.

  7. I love the colours! And I thought I was the queen of the WIPs! I think you need to do a post on all of your WIPs so we can then compare... :)

  8. Now, this looks fun. You know I love the colors here. Bummer, I can't seem to do any counting around here on the weekends with Scooter a foot.


  9. I LOVE the colors in your shawl! Its a happy shawl! :} I dont know where I would wear it either. I think it would be the home How you ever read that pattern is beyond me.whew..what a mess that is! congratulations on understanding it and coming away with such a pretty piece.


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