Friday, June 25, 2010

Baby Afghan Pattern?

Does anybody have the crochet pattern book, "Heirl**m Afghans for B*by” by Leisure Arts, with the pattern on the the front cover “Exquisite"?  Um, can I have it?  Ha-ha-ha.  I've been so blunt today.  No sense in beating around the bush, is there? 

I'm willing to trade you something for it and send you your shipping cost.  I have lots of patterns & books.  Just ask.  Or you could just scan that particular pattern and email it, or copy that one pattern and mail it...whatever.  I don't need the whole book.

(I put those ** in there on purpose so nobody googling it will hit this page and see what a criminal I am.)


  1. You lost me at the word "Baby". Sorry, can't help you with this one. Did you check the library? Just a thought.

    All-right....I'll get back to chopping.

    There was no CCC yesterday. I was actually fine with that...


  2. LoL, you are so funny!
    Sorry girlie, I can't help ya with this one.

  3. let me see what I have. ;)


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