Saturday, May 22, 2010


It appears my Pretty Petals Potholder had a stroke and is drooping on the lower-right side.  Oh my...don't slobber, Dear.

Between the two black lines is where it's all gone terribly wrong.  That's where each round began and ended.  I must figure out what I've done wrong so the next one can be perfect.  This one is off to the state hospital for some therapy and rehabilitation.


  1. Yes, it is a little wonky, but I LOVE the yarn you used... what brand/colors did you use? They are gorgeous!

  2. Oh, I might have to try some of these myself. They look like lots of fun.

  3. My Granny & Nan always hated anything "wonky"... (I say cha-jerkin)... they always would say, RIP IT OUT... They also washed their trash before throwing it away... rinsed out cans... rinsed out egg shells.. perfectionists...

    My mom taught me that flaws meant character...

    I love character.

    Great job... now I wanna make one.


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