Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend Junk

We tried this this weekend.  It gets five stars for being a quick and hot meal that tastes good, but it was salty.  Neither of it really realized how salty it was until later in the day when we were both really thirsty and drinking lots of water.
I made it using the microwave directions so it was SUPER-quick.

The first half of the back of my third Grandma's Garden Pillow.
I really really like this one, and I'm claiming it as MINE!
I should be finished tonight.  The front is done.

The next three pictures are crochet pattern books I got at Half-Price books.

I've looked through all of them already, but I'm going to look at all of them again tonight.

I didn't do anything this weekend except crochet, and we made a trip to Half-Price books and the grocery store on Saturday afternoon late.  I also made cookies with Peanut Butter M&Ms in them instead of chocolate chips today.  Num-num.  Those are the highlights of my weekend.  Yes, I'm a party animal.

Barnaby is in there watching the Survivor finale.  I'm gonna go take a bath, look at my crochet books again, and then read a book.



  1. oops! wanted to add, the granny square looks gorgeous, well done!

  2. mmmm...send over some that junk, LOL::! honestly, none of that is sold here, I guess we're lucky?
    I'm sooo envious of you people, with your yard sales, half-price book shops, thrift shops, etc. I've never seen a "sale" at any of the yarn shops I go to, heck, I've seen sales at all!

  3. Love the back of YOUR new pillow!

    I've tried those HomeStyle Bakes and feel the same way about them as Hamburger Helper. Although they are a quick way to get a tasty dinner on the table, they have sooooooooo much salt in them!

  4. your blog is fantastic and I'll definatley be back to check out your latest!!!! A good blog in my opinion is one you get so inspired by you have to turn off your computer to go and create!!! Your definately has that effect!


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