Thursday, May 20, 2010

Turd Floater

It looks scarier than it is...I hope.

Yikes!  I've got to make this fast.
This was taken about 10 minutes ago...

Fake flowers in my hanging baskets

More fakes.  What?  They're easier!
And they look pretty from the street.

Drip, drip, drip...

I'm lovin' it.

I hope you love your day too!


  1. Fake flowers... girlfriend we need to talk or.... take a trip to the Depot.... he-he...

    Nice rain for a lazy day. I could use on of these about now.

    Off and Running,

  2. OMG....please tell me those fake flowers are fake.....hehehe...
    When did you cross that line Pammy Sue?

  3. They are fake and they are pretty and they are ALIVE!!

  4. Pammy sometimes your headings just make me laugh before I ever read your blog 'cause I know the blog is going to be something else. I'm with Garden Bell though, do we need to do an intervention? LOL

    Hugs XX

  5. Anonymous12:43 PM

    You know I'm gonna have to agree with them about the fake flowers and take the plastic off your furniture. BP

  6. Love the rain when I can stay inside. And look how beautiful it makes your flowers.

  7. Pammy Sue: You crack me up! Your title is amusing, to say the least..I will think of this all day considering its the first thing I read today.. PS I have plastic flowers also..

  8. You do make me chuckle - could your fake flowers get overwatered? hehe! Is the cloud a turd floater??? this is a new one on me - couldn't stop laughing means something different over here!!


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