Friday, May 14, 2010

Stormy Friday

It's been threatening to storm all day long, but hasn't quite made it. There's been some thunder and rain and darkness, but nothing major.

So before I get myself and my computer blowed up by lightening, here's a picture of my second pillow (the one in front).

Boon Pappy is on his way over for a visit tonight, and Barnaby is playing poker.  Have a great weekend.  Bye!


  1. Uhhhhh, La, La.... love them. Aren't they just the funiest to do.

    Well, my box arrived. It's quite fun and interesting at the same time. Lots of fun home dyed varigated yummie yarns. Some nice cottons and wools. Quite the selection of colors. Lots of purples, which will be fun. Still have to take some pictures and sort through for a post.

    Started a few African Flowers while staying out of Liz, the cleaning lady's way today. Still not feeling great. But, these are addictive and pretty easy. I'm going to make a bunch and then figure out what to do with them later. This is unless I start on some mystery yarn. Kind of hiding it till Monday, as I'm not sure I want Scooter to see yet.

    Have a great weekend. Sorry, my post today was kind of a downer, but I needed to do that for him. I'll be back to normal in the next post. I just couldn't leave Jacked up on another day.

    Stay in and Stay dry,

  2. The second pillow looks just as beautiful as the first one! Love it...Love it! Hope your storms are done by the time you get this.

  3. Oh Pam, they are lovely. Truly lovely.

  4. Your talents are really showing in these colorful and springy pillows. Love them both. I might have to try one of these myself.

  5. These are so beautiful. You certainly seem to whip these out quickly. Waiting now to see what is next that I can drool over! Have a great weekend.

  6. Oh Pam adorable cushions love them love them love them
    Hooked on African Flowers at the moment thanks to The Garden Bell and her post a couple of days back lol
    L'll forgive her though having a lot of fun
    May try a flowery cushion like yours next!
    Hope the storm wasn't too bad
    Hugs x

  7. Ohhh so pretty. I love them. They look perfect right where they are.

  8. Your pillows are beautiful love the colors. I was thinking of you Nascar is in Dover here this weekend and I don't know who is racing but it always is busy here on the main roads by my home.We had one heck fire and brimstone storm here last night lightening was frigting and the cracks of thunder made me jump right out of my chair and rain so hard you could not see homes across the street but today sun is out nice fresh air and warm temps without the humdity like yesterday.Have a great weekend. Take care my friend.

  9. You are a crochet demon - its amazing how much you churn out. And the colours!!!

  10. Beautiful pillows. Great job - your sisters are gonna love them. :)


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