Friday, May 28, 2010

Some Talk & a Free Pattern!

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So I'm an idiot.  Yes, I am.

I was sitting here crocheting on my new ripple blanket (more about that later) at about 9:15 this morning, and someone rings the doorbell AND knocks loudly.  It startled me so bad I nearly fell off the couch and Fletcher went nuts barking.  I couldn't imagine who it could be.

I looked through the peephole and there stood a Fedex man with a box.  What in the world is he knocking and waiting at the door for?  I haven't ordered anything that should need a signature.  So I step out onto the porch, sign for the box, and take it inside.

The return address is from Amazon Japan.  But I just placed that order the night before last!  Of course, I couldn't read anything because it was all in Japanese so I really didn't have a clue what I was doing.  Mostly I just took a wild guess and clicked on the buttons that looked vaguely similar to the ones on their American site.  Well, evidently I ordered the book to be delivered "International Priority Mail."  I paid 3 times the cost of the book to have it shipped!  GAH!

I am the proud owner of the most expensive book EVER.  And it's entirely in Japanese.  Um, yeah, did I mention I'm an idiot?


I broke a tooth yesterday.  It's the second tooth that's broken in a month.  WTF?  Luckily I had some of that tooth putty you can buy that will temporarily fill the hole until you can get to the dentist.  I refuse to go right now while I'm on vacation and my sister is here visiting.  It doesn't hurt as long as that putty is in there so I'm not going.  I'm sure I'll drop a cool $1500, at least, to get those two teeth fixed.  And that's with insurance!  DOUBLE GAH!

I don't want to talk about it anymore.


I started a new Ripple Blanket last night!  Yipee!  All of us girls (me, my sisters, and my mom) went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and I bought some yarn.  And I absolutely love the colors I got and the way they look all crocheted up into a Buttery Ripple (hint-hint).  I want to get a few more rows done before I give you a peek.  I just love the way the Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn feels.  It's so much softer than my last Ripple, Dreamweaver, that was done in Red Heart yarn.  And my nose hasn't itched once!


I came across this photo on my computer this morning.  I had totally forgotten how much I liked this afghan I made a couple of years ago.  I gave it to my sister.  It's a super-simple pattern, and it's not copyrighted that I'm aware of.  Another blogger gave me the instructions, and I'm sharing them with you below.  When you're finished here, leave me some love and then go check out her PHOTO ALBUM.  It is amazing how many blankets she has made, and she's very fast.  Look on the right-hand side of her flickr page at the two sets of blankets and afghans.

Indian Blanket

Hook Size:  K
Yarn:  Worsted Weight yarn in Black, White, solids of your choice, and variegated of your choice.

Chain 160 or more with black yarn, depending on the blanket size you want.

In all single crochets:
*1 row of  black
1 row of white
1 row of black
3 rows of solid
3 rows of variegated
3 rows of solid*
Repeat from * to * using different solid and variegated with each repeat.
End with the black, white, black rows.

Note:  If single crocheting is too slow for you, try using half double crochets instead.

I just edged mine in single crochets all around with 3 sc in the corners.  This was before I got into crochet borders.  I wish I had done a cooler border!  I think I'll make another one of these very soon.  I love this and it goes quickly and is really a gorgeous pattern.  It's a great gift for males and females.


Gotta run.  Happy Friday!


  1. Oh my goodness! I hope the book has some crochet picture whatchamacallits! so that you can make good use of that book!

    Love the blanket! Thanks for sharing that pattern. Unfortunatly I don't think I'ma gonna have time to make one of those for dad for father's day. I don't have a huge stash and June's money is already spoken for. But at least I can give my dad his chocolate LOL!

  2. I know all about teeth troubles, and I hate going to the dentist. Is the blanket your making in yellows??? As far as your Japanese book....well...I ...uh...never mind.

  3. Japanese eh? you will have to take classes!!!! Soz about the tooth - sounds like a pretty bad day for you - at least you are still smiling especially with that lovely Indian blankie x

  4. Pammy Sue, you are so funny. I read to my dh about your book from Japan story and he laughed as hard as I did! We loved it! Also like your Indian blanket. I my have to try that one someday....

  5. You're accidentally paying 3x the cost of the book for shipping so sounds like something I would do! --aaarrrggg!

    I can relate to the teeth issue as well. I don't wanna talk about that anymore either! LoL

    I love Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn too! I think it is second only to Caron Simply Soft for softness of an affordable one anyway.

    Thanks for sharing the pattern!
    Have a great day girlie!

    Hugs & Blessings,
    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`♥Anita

  6. Very cool pattern. Love the S.W. look to it. One like that would go very nicely down in the basement. Scooter's Cave. I'll have to give this some serious thought. I'm backed up on three already. I need to step away from the computer and get working.

    Icks...take care of that tooth. That's an awful lot of yarn you could be getting for $1500.00.

    So glad you are having a great time with family. I will remind you, as you reminded me last weekend. Remember, to BREATHE.

    Girlfriend, I can't wait to add number 4 to my list from your new Japanese books. Pick an easy one will ya.

    Off to read more on the pattern above. Seriously, all single....


  7. Did you see that yarn in the pickup truck on your friends blanket link. And we though we were bad....

  8. Pammy Sue: I love that blanket..I also am amazed at crocheting fools crochet speed. Did you ever see the picture with her pickup truck full of yarn!?

    Have a great vacation with your sister and Mom.

  9. I love coming to visit! You always make me laugh! I'll keep an eyeball peeled for ya and see if I can find any translations for Jap. crochet bks.

    Teeth? I broke the first one on corn nuts and don't eat those things anymore and then a few years later I broke 2 more on POPCORN, the cheapest darn thing you could eat and it is sooo costly for the dental work. Actually they broke away from the gigantic silver fillings so I had all the silver removed from several teeth and replaced with little puzzle pieces called inlays and now my teeth are stronger. It was a small fortune and I could've bought acreage in the boonies for the cost of all that! (self employed and no insurance) BTW, I still eat popcorn, carefully like a scared-ie cat

    Pammy, you're makin' me become a follower so I might win at your giveaway! You drive a hard bargain, sista! I like to lurk but I'd really like the #5, thanks!

    Your new embellishment book looks fun and love the flower buttons. Have fun with your sis and go see Sex and the City 2. I'm going now to become a follower and enter for a chance at your goodies and happy 4th blog birthday to you!

  10. Ach! Dental problems & ridiculous delivery fees! Thank goodness you had company and a happy project going to cheer you up.

    The Indian blanket really does look like an Indian blanket. Neat! I'll have to bookmark that one. It looks like a good way to use up single skeins and remnants.

  11. Hi Pammy Sue, I will add the photo to the Gallery in Flickr it that is ok - its on my photostream under Gallery - Flickrettes - it crochet blogland buddies!! Thanks again its a fab photo!!

  12. Maybe you could give the expensive crochet book to the dentist to pay for your bill? lol

    Never knew tooth putty existed.

    LOVE the Indian blanket, the colors are awesome. I must check out those patterns you mentioned.

    And need to go click and see about your contest as well. Or maybe I already did that? Sorta think maybe I did; but I need more caffeine this morning to know anything.


  13. OMG. That blanket is beautiful!

  14. Hiya! Hope you had a good weekend, I didn't, hurt my lower back and couldn't stand up straight, and after getting high on painkillers today I feel a bit better. Ah, the joys of old age.
    Your blankets/afghans look stunning, well done.

  15. This is beautiful. A few months ago, I made half of it - the variegated yarn did not make any kind of specific design as shown. Any instructions on how that is accomplished?

  16. Judy, the variegated yarn that has longer stripes of colors makes a more defined pattern. You'll notice some of my variegated parts don't look as good as others. I'm guessing the variegated with more 'stripes' of color will look best. I just used what I had in my stash. The source of the pattern didn't mention any specific instructions.

  17. Thanks making a pillow first

  18. were do I find the pattern for the Indian blanket Love it

  19. Gladys and Whomever wants this pattern, here it is:

    American Indian Blanket
    1 Skein White Worsted Yarn
    1 Skein Black Worsted Yarn
    Various Solid Worsted Yarns
    Various Variegated Worsted Yarns (Some stripe better than others)
    Use a Size K Hook

    With Black, Chain 160 (or any multiple of 10 until you get the width you want your blanket to be; ch 1 and turn.
    All rows are done in single crochet (sc); ch 1 and turn at end of row. Sc into last sc made on previous row to begin each row.
    Make *1 row black, 1 row white, 1 row black, 3 rows solid, 3 rows variegated, 3 rows same solid color as previous solid color.* Repeat from * until your blanket is the size you want it.

    (Note: you can also use all hdc stitches for this blanket if you just can't take making all those sc. I think it looks best in all sc though.)

    I give credit for this pattern to Linda at I got the pattern from one of her posts years and years ago. Have fun!

    ♥Pammy Sue


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