Thursday, May 27, 2010

She's a Beauty


This was me last night trying to read a Japanese chart...

Yes, I am a beauty...
And a blind one at that!

I really took this picture today, but I was wearing the head gear last night trying to read a freakin' chart I had downloaded on the Innernets.  I never could see what it said.  Stupid charts.

I would have worn some lipstick for this picture, but Eli used it all last week, remember?  Don't be jealous of my photogenityfulness.


  1. What a lovely picture.... tee hee!!! Heck, maybe I don't wanna try those Japanese charts after seeing that picture.. :)

  2. My side hurts from crackn' up. I just can't stop laughing at this picture. YOU have to put this on flickr so I can add you to my gallerie of flickrettes and bloggettes.

    I knew you were a detective, but a CSI one.

    There is no way I'm ever going to open that Japanese book now.

    You know I'll be back to see this one again, when I need a good chuckle. If our hubbies only knew what we were up to while at work.


  3. What a crack-up - tears running down cheeks from laughing

  4. Awwwww! I wanna bug!! Sorry just stumbled across your site and spotted Sammi - eeee so cute! (not that the others aren't but I've never seen a bug before *giggle*)

  5. You start my day with a laugh almost always. I should call this one a belly laugh.
    When you say Japanese chart are you talking about symbol crochet?

  6. Thank you for the giggle this morning! I was getting a little delirious anyway, from being up since 4:00! Seeing you in those goggles just put me over the edge!!

  7. Hysterical, please post to Flickr so I can add you to the Flickrettes!!!!!! pretty pleasee!!


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