Friday, May 07, 2010

I Have an Ugly Head

I would like to know why I look like such an idiot in a hat.  It doesn't matter what kind of hat it is, I'll look dumb in it.  Bandanna?  Nope, looks REALLY bad.

I say this because I just finished crocheting a slouch hat and was going to model it and show you a picture.  But you can forget that.  I just put it on and looked in the mirror.  First I laughed, and then I was disgusted.  THIS is the hat I made...same colors as the picture.  It looks cute in that picture, no?  On me, not so much.  It looks like some kind of worm sack on my head or something.  I think I must have a GIANT head or a GIANT face.  I don't know.  But there's definitely a problem somewhere.  Maybe it's the two chins.  Ha.

I'm about to lay down and take a nap before Barnaby gets home.  I slept like crap last night, or should I say a didn't sleep like crap last night?  But that makes no sense.  I didn't sleep a wink, okay?  I think I'm delirious and need some serious shut-eye...the kind where you get all slack-jawed and slobber on your pillow.  Is there anything better?  I think not.



  1. Pam...Did you know...That..most movie stars and TV personalities have been studied to have large heads? Its a fact....It is good for the camera ...
    I heard that on Americas Next Top Model.

  2. Well, mystery solved then! Hee-hee.

  3. I can't do hats either now that I'm older and forget bandanas and head bands, etc. Hmmmm, maybe we're related? Hope you get some good zzzzzzzzzz tonite.

  4. glad to hear I am not the only one that looks silly in hats :)

  5. sheesh! I had some catching up to do. I love the color and detail of that centerpiece you're in the middle of making.

    It's always a good idea to take a little break between "like" projects. It just gets monotonous if you don't take a break.

    I love my fur niece and nephews! Can't wait to give them all a good belly rub when I come visit.

    Oh yeah...bad idea to have a garage sale on any kind of holiday weekend....even mother's day. Besides, aren't you having them all over on Sunday? Too much work to do a garage sale too. Be kind to yourself. You're making my back hurt. hee hee!

    You probably look just fine in a hat....the right kind of hat. We all look dumb in the wrong kind of hat.

  6. Oh my, I am sure you are being too hard on yourself. Let us be the judge. I am sure it is not at bad as you think it is. I have made an item twice in two different colors and liked the one better than the other just because the color was different. Perhaps brown is not your color.

  7. See... I just knew you and the Queen need to meet. We three have the same sick sense of humor. About that hat...not doing it for me this morning. I think you have to have that special look to get away with this one.

    Don't you just hate those non sleeping nights. I had one on Thursday, made Friday a crappie day. I must of had some NutraSweet some how. That always gives me RLS. Or maybe my head was just swimming with ideas.

    Just finishing my first Mini-Elizabet Cat bag for TeaCup Lane and her camera strap win. It was fun to do. Another one on the list for sure. I also, need to make another one of those Garden Pillows for Mom's B-day on the 25th. Got the M.D. for tomorrow. She's getting a big planter full of flowers for her patio. But, we are suppose to get a FROST tonight, so looks like a lot of covering will be going on here this afternoon...yuck.

    Happy Saturday-

  8. Have no fear as you are not alone - I look crap in hats of any kind too - now I just take to wearing a brown paper bag over my head - it seems to work better for me lol!! :) xx


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