Wednesday, May 12, 2010

He's Flirty Nude

"Stop it, Momma!  Nooooo!"
"Don't show everybody!"

"Okay, fine."

Mr. Shithead got into my make-up this morning.  That's Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain in Flirty Nude.  I guess he wanted to be Flirty Nude today.   Well, now he is.

Working on Grandma Garden pillows...

This is the same pillow as in the other picture, just different lighting.  Amazing how different they look.

I'm starting this book tonight.

I'm still waiting for the fourth Twilight book to arrive.  I need a break anyway, so this'll be something different...ghosts instead of vampires.  Hee.


I've lost my cooking and baking mojo.  I have had no desire to cook for a very long time.  And lately I haven't been.  It's just every man for himself around here at dinnertime.   My mother-in-law just sent me a big box of old cookbooks not too long ago.  I should dig into those and see if it'll stir something up within me and get me back in the kitchen.

I was just in the kitchen buttering the cups in the egg poacher so we could have poached eggs and toast for dinner.  That's the most effort I've put forth in awhile.  Anyway, while I was buttering the last one, Barnaby called and said he had no idea when he'd be home tonight because they're staking out a guy and can't leave until they get him.  He said if they didn't get him within a few hours, the guys in the Burglary Division would relieve them and they could come home, but he has no idea when that will be.  That's what happens when you threaten the government.  They will come get you or order someone else to.  Idiot.  He sounds like a maniac from what Barnaby said.

So anywho, no gourmet poached eggs and toast tonight, at least not for Barnaby.  I may go ahead and make a couple since I've already buttered the cups. I wanted to go to Wally's World tonight, too, because I need two pillow forms to finish my pillows.  I'd just make a run up to Hobby Lobby but they haven't restocked them in months for some reason.

*Update at 6:15 pm:  They got him.  Barnaby is on his way home.  Yea!

Bummer:  I think most of the grass in our front yard died over the winter.  It's all ugly and brown.  Everybody else has mostly green.  Hmpf.  Somebody come till the soil and plant some new, will ya?  Thanks.  Oh, and put in a sprinkler system while you're at it.

That's it.  Buh-bye.


  1. Those pillows are so so so pretty! I just love em!

  2. Your pillows are coming along so nicely. Love the colors you are putting together. The last Mom, one is Yarn Bee, Snowflake, from H.L., on sale last week. Kind of fun. I think she will like it.

    Well, I went down for the count. I think I'm getting a cold. I knew it when I got up and put on all Black. You know that grunge in the chest stuff. Sneezing all day. Yuck, and we have The Hornet's Nest friend coming over on Saturday to see the remodel and play Hearts. Last thing I want to do.

    You got it. The cooking Mojo is gone, ever since I got back. Tonight, it's doctored up Campbell's soup and chicken salad sammies. Let's not even talk about going to the grocery store today. All I ended up getting was a bunch of novelity ice cream and stuff for Taco Bell Soup for Saturday. The tricky part is they are vegetarians, so I'm having to make it with that Boca crap. We love having them over but this veggie stuff drives me nuts.

    Yes, as you can tell I'm not feeling great. The MIL just called she went directly to the machine.

    Glad to hear they got him and Barney is coming home. I just love breakfast at dinner time.


  3. One more thing. Lipstick, what's that. You actually have some.. chuckle-chuckle.

    Oh and no Mr. Brown I took a 3 hour nap and dreamed that all 25 skeins came in a small envelope. Glad to wake up from that nightmare.

    Out of here,

  4. Hi Pammy! LOVE how your pillows are coming! They're so pretty, I looked up the pattern, and found it; but I've never ordered anything on Etsy before, and didn't feel like registering... assuming I'm supposed to.. Maybe I'll check it out again later... I thought the photo of your kids on Mother's Day was ADORABLE!!.. As for your baking and cooking mojo.. I hope you get it BACK, because I always like seeing your new recipes when you've got'em!!!... As for MY "Mr. Shithead"? He's in the doghouse for eating our grilled cheese sandwiches off the kitchen counter tonight! ~tina

  5. Love your puppy antics. you always make me giggle.

  6. LMAO I am still cracking up over Eli!

  7. What a rip he really must like the color. I love your pillows they are really pretty love the colors. I been working on another pattern called circle in a square but I decided to make it my way it is such a simple pattern and easy to follow. On the hotter days I find it is easy to work squares instead of a full afghan right now. I know how you feel I have been the same way cooked a quickie meal tonight many times just cereal or sandwich. This weather really has me in a slump so many ups and downs with it you can't really enjoy the day at all sometimes. Well my friend take care.

  8. I just made a hat with a flower on it that is similar to your pillow flowers... cute.

    My reading mojo is gone. I have the second twilight book brand new sitting on my night stand... just staring at me... and I really just don't feel like opening it up and getting all stressed out. The Time Travelers Wife was all bipolar jumping around and such... and I think I need a book break.

    Baking... leeerve baking. I'm thinking about cup cakes... personalized with white chocolate monograms and sprinkles. Yum. Mom made me a buttermilk (bleeding armadillo) red velvet cake from scratch for my birthday on Monday... DEE-LIGHTFUL.

    So nice blog you got here. Queen sent me over. She and I are started on a new crochet project... we are novices... but quickly learning.

  9. Awww Pammy Sue....Such is the life of a police officer :) Grew up in Tacoma around both the Police and Sheriff's depts since dad was dispatcher then supervisor of the dispatchers LOL! Those were the days tee hee. I hear you on cooking mojo...mine is slowly coming back. I'm hobbling around okay these days. Got a new ankle brace this morning and its better than the one I got at the hospital when I fell 2 months ago. Unfortunatly being laid up added on some pounds...less than 10 but still...ugh! Love your pillows. Not sure I want to buy that pattern right now and at the moment I'm working on a 14 star afghan for Smoothfox as a tester. It should be finished by Saturday :)
    When its done, pics will be up on my blog then too.


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