Monday, May 17, 2010

Flower Pillow #3

I'm rockin' these out, aren't I?
And I'm not sick of them yet!

Are you a cracker lover like me?

Pammy Sue = Cracker Lover

You're gonna hate me for telling you about these.

For real, y'all.  I love crackers.  I buy at least one box a week.  My staples are good old Ritz and Premium Saltines, but another blogger I've been reading for years recommended these last week.  And OH MY STARS and GARTERS, they are too good!  Run out and get you some.  You won't be disappointed.  There are other varieties, like almond and I can't remember what else, but they can't be any better than these.  Buy some.  And keep buying them so they will keep selling them!  Unless you live by me, then don't buy them because they are all mine!  I'm not kidding.  I just might flatten the fool who gets between me and these crackers.

How ridiculous is it to be so excited over a day-um cracker?


  1. hmmm...irritated with people(some anyway), snack cravings, threatening other shoppers....Alert
    Level Orange

  2. Ok now I have to go buy crackers...and more yarn to make pillows! They are so pretty and your just crocheting them like crazy! Your amazing!

  3. Love your pillows!... You are just going to wear me down, aren't you?!! Like I don't have enough projects to work on, and still I just might HAVE to order this pattern! I would love these pillows in both my bedroom and living room!.. Hmmm.. maybe even for Christmas gifts, I'm thinking?! ~tina

  4. Your pillows are really pretty love the colors you chosed. Those cracker do look good I like pecans and will have to look in my grocery store for them. Take care my friend.

  5. O.K.. O.K.. I finally did it.. I am an official Etsy customer now! So tell me, are you a good influence or a bad influence!! (0; I've got a Grandma's Garden Pillow pkg coming my way! ~tina

  6. off to buy crackers! thanks for the tip.

  7. So much to catch up on here. Love the last pillow. Fun color picks. So, what's next? A fourth.

    I'm hungry for those crackers. 9 days out of 10 there is a box of something sitting by my keyboard for munching.



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