Monday, May 10, 2010

Dreary Monday

Since I have nothing new to say...

Here is the worm sack I made for my head last week.  It's Cat-in-the-Hat goofy-looking.  It looks even worse from the front.

Do you ever buy this candy at Hobby Lobby?  It's my favorite cinnamon hard candy.  It's not real strong and doesn't burn the first two layers of skin off the inside of your mouth.


I've got nothing else for y'all because all I did was work today.  I got up at my normal time around 8:00-8:30, brushed my hair and stuck it up in a ponytail, got dressed, turned on the TV on my way through the living room, fed the dogs, made a pot of coffee and while it was brewing, I put the clean dishes away, let the dogs out to pee and back in again, then I took my first cup of coffee to my desk. 

That's how every weekday starts for me.  There may be a variation on what I do with my hair, but that's the only difference from one day to the next.

I drank my coffee and sorted through work email and got everything organized.  Then I worked for about 45 minutes when I was interrupted by my drooping eyelids.  I was extremely sleepy for some reason.  So I marked my spot and got up and made a bowl of cereal and took it to the living room and ate it.  That made the sleepiness worse, so I announced to the dogs that we were going back to bed, and they all happily got up and followed me to the bedroom.

We sorta-kinda, half-assed napped, and then I got up and worked until Sammi told me it was time for their lunch at 3:30.

I will stop there with the details lest you go hang yourself to make it stop.

I'm going to go crochet more flowers for my second flower pillow.  I need to make my mother one too now, so I'll be alternately making flowers and working on that GIANT doily for a while.

Hope you had a good weekend and your day was just as exciting as mine.


  1. Peace out girlfriend. You really need to play some Marley this afternoon.

    I'm a Jolly Rancher Fire fiend. But, hard to find in the stores anymore. So, may have to give these a try. I'm all about the cinnamon.

    Taco Soup for dinner tonight. YUM.


  2. Something about that hat just calls out to you. you are way to hard on yourself. I think it looks great from this angle. Funny how we all have morning routines and I happen to love my bed and think I get cold just so I can crawl under the covers. Did you forget about that flower square...nag

  3. Pammy Sue! Your hysterical..I love the hat. I made one of her hat and also posted a picture of myself in it..I never do that.. I totally look goofy. Thats for brightening my day... Neicee


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