Thursday, May 13, 2010

Book & Movie Ramble

This book is SO WEIRD!  It’s almost too weird for me, and I like weird.  It starts out so very macabre.  (Fancy word alert)

My favorite line so far:  “Sometimes I feel like a bone being worried at by a dog.”

There are lots of lines like that in the book so far.  I find myself thinking about something I read a page or two back and going back to read it over again.  Isn’t it weird that you can be thinking of other things while reading?  Seems like that would be impossible, but I guess it’s not.  Don’t you sort of see a movie playing in your head as you’re reading a book?  I do.

Anyway, I don’t have an opinion on this book yet, other than it's weird.  I switch back and forth from wanting to throw it across the room and forget it and wanting to keep reading.  I’ll keep you informed as I get into it a little further.

I watched the movie Twilight yesterday.  The book is SO MUCH better than the movie!  Isn’t that always the way?  If I had seen the movie, I would have no interest in reading any of the series, so I’m glad I didn’t see it beforehand.  The movie seemed to be geared much more towards teenagers.

When my sister was over here on Mother’s Day, I mentioned that I was reading the series.  She said, “Well, the book must be a lot better than the movie!”  She had watched it while on an overseas flight and her words were, “It was so dumb!”  She said she was surprised I liked them so much and I asked her why.  She said, “Because I don’t think you’re that stupid!”  Ha-ha-ha.  Now I know what she was talking about.

I really have to get back to work now.  I'm avoiding it because I'm transcribing a Japanese lady with a heavy accent.  Ugh.  It's annoying and difficult.  Plus, she's talking about international tax regulations, so it's boring to begin with.  Envy me.


  1. My friend is trying to get me to watch the movie. Why? I don't know. Now I can tell her I've read reviews about it and I don't want to see it. Thanks!

  2. Good MOrning Pammy Sue!!!

    It seems like Books are always better then the movie. At least to me. The movies seem to skip over some of the things in the book.

    Or in the book you have YOUR OWN idea of what a certain looks likes... where is in the movie... the star does not.


  3. have you read Host......its by Stephanie Meyer as is a real page turner I think I stayed up all night reading it

  4. I like vampires to the ninth. But this book sound s like something I would avoid at all costs.

  5. I didn't like the movie. Trying to read the book right now. But the movie? Pft. Pale guy covered in glitter.

  6. I used to do transcription, so I feel your pain! :)

  7. So I guess I can forget about bringing you my copy of Twilight the movie huh....
    I wasn't going to say anything about how dumb the movie was because I didn't want to spoil the book for you. I just assumed the books must be better. Besides, Big Daddy and I like more gore in our vampire flicks!

  8. Don't envy you on that transcription. I would loose what few screws I had left, if I had to do that.

    As to Twilight the movie, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have read all four books so far and certainly love the books much more than the first two movies, which I have both seen. I find that is true most of the time. When it comes to putting a book into a movie, things have to be shortened or they are slightly changed to fit the timeframe.

    Well, let us know when you are finished with this current book and tell us if it is weird till the end and what you thought of it than.

    Otherwise have a nice evening!

  9. I never got into the Twilight brouhaha...but perhaps I will...I remember when I read the book, Amitiville Horror years ago....OMG...(lights on while you sleep scary)...The movie was not as scary. Books descibe details much better .
    BTW...Transcribing? sounds so mysterious.

  10. mmmm...too bad I can't get books in english here, **sigh**. Will need to stock up the next time I visit the States.
    Hope you're well. take care!


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