Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Big Bunch of Nuthin'

I have so many things that run through my head and I say, I'm going to blog about that today, and then I get on here and it's GONE.  Hell, I forget I'm on my way to pee if I see a shiny object and get distracted.  So I thought I'd just start rambling and maybe it'll all come back to me.

So Interesting!

This is what you get when I have nothing to say.  A picture of a potato being prepared for baking.  Do y'all ever slice your potatoes up like this before baking?  Try it, you'll like it.  Sprinkle it librally with kosher salt too.  Mmm, that skin is good all hot and salty.

I'm trying to think of a good cake to make for Mother's Day.  The fam is coming over here Sunday afternoon for cake and coffee.  I guess I'll go nose around All Recipes or something and see what I can find.  I know better than to make a recipe I've never made before though.  It's not my first rodeo, ya know.  I think maybe I'll make a couple of Cappaccino Pies -- coffee ice cream in a chocolate cookie crust with chocolate fudge topping, whipped cream, a sprinkle of sliced almonds, and a little drizzle of Kahlua on your plate.  It's so freakin' good!  Yes, I believe that's what I'll do.  Now I just need to make room in my freezer...

I started the third book in the Twilight series Sunday night.  I'm really liking them.  And no, I'm not 13 years old, but they are still good.  In fact, I just realized I'm going to be the BIG Five-0 this year.  I thought I still had one more year before that happened, but Barnaby corrected me the other day.  I've always looked forward to being 50.  I figure at that point, everybody can shut the hell up because I'M 50, DAMMIT!  I've been there and done that, whatever it is!  I'll just suddenly be bursting at the seams with wisdom!  No?

I promise I'll stop posting pictures of crocheted flowers after this one...

I started my second pillow today.  I can't decide if my background is going to be white or very light baby pink.  I guess I'll try both and see which one looks best.

Am I still yammering on about nothing?  Now see how easy it is to blog even when you have nothing to say?  Now all of YOU PEOPLE who can't manage a single entry in two freakin' weeks, get off your ass and get with it!  Love you.

I still can't remember all of those things I was going to say today.  Oh well, there's always tomorrow.  See you then.


  1. Another one. Don't get me started. I have got a few rows sewn together. AVOIDING again, and stopping here for another DISTRACTION of fun.

    About slicing the B.P before wrapping in foil. I just poke with fork. Will have to try this. I also like to sprinkle on the Monteray Steak Seasoning.

    So, off I go, I'm fixing something for dinner tonight before I get fired.


  2. Wow that menu you are serving sounds so yummy wish I lived closer. I never done that for a bake potato what a great idea it would cook faster and have a nice texture to it too. Oh I never get tired of your flowers I love when you show what your making. Gee your only 50 this year well I got you beat try 68 in July. But I am grateful for each year I can be happy and enjoy my family and crocheting and make those that not on favorite list really sqirm oh God here she comes. Anyway my friend you take care I always look forward what you have to say here you make my day.

  3. Hey, I've done the same thing...have thoughts about what to blog about and then bam, they're gone, have forgotten to go pee by getting distracted, too. Just turned 50 last summer BTW!! My suggestion is to go with whatever is yummiest and easiest to make for the clan and your pie sounds delish. Do you have the recipe posted anywhere? I like the pink flowers with the gray. Go ahead and post all the flowers you want I loooovvveee flowers; it's a weakness I have. Your pillow turned out fantastic. I know your sister will love it if not, tell her some chick in California will buy if off you. Hope you're having a lovely evening!

  4. I love your flowers. I've crocheted one and it looks weird.

  5. Hi Pammy.. I know.. I'm getting dangerously close to the big 50 too.. but I still have a couple years to prepare myself for it! (0; Love your squares and the pillow you made!!.. And no, I've never baked a potato the way you show here, but it sounds good, and I LOVE potatoes, so I will definitely try it your way soon! ~tina

  6. I love your flowers never stop posting them. Where is the one you were working out the pattern on...nag!


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