Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some Fun Things

~Great Flower Pattern~

Page 158, First 3 Rounds of Motif #114

~The Birdie Experiment~

I glued everything instead of sewing.
Much quicker and doesn't look any different.
Have I mentioned I hate to sew?

~eBay Impulse Buy~
Mayfair Cookie Jar

Oh my gawd, this makes me laugh hard.
That big breath he takes while holding his nose is hilarious.

Mmm...Strawberry Koolaid anyone?
I'm totally addicted.


I just love watching THIS VERY SHORT VIDEO.  I've watched it over and over again.  It's only 22 seconds.  I don't know why it fascinates me and makes me happy.  Maybe it's the music.  Maybe I'm just weird.


I had tonight's dinner (a Mexican casserole) made by 9:30 this morning and popped it in the fridge.  Am I a ball-o-fire or what?  Who's your momma?

Now if I can just force myself to finish my work and quit doing other things, I can go outside and plant that lettuce garden.  I'm doing it today no matter what, I swear!

And maybe later I'll drag out the purple pineapple afghan and work on that somemore.  Nah.  I don't know why, but it's boring me to death and I'm only three pineapple rows in.

Okay, that's it.  Y'all take care now, ya hear?  Go outside for 10 minutes and soak up some Vitamin D.


  1. Perfect. You need to get out and get some D and those seed in your pots. Glad you are better. About that RED Kool-Aid...now, I know you have been drinking something. How's about sticking some yarn in it and setting it out in the sun. I've been feeling the itch to dye again.

    Oppps, there's the doorbell. Guess who's visiting again?
    AT and T...so how is this whole phone problem being blamed on me and my blog?


  2. Love the flower... WANT to make one or two of those birds, one of these days.. LOVE the cookie jar! Mexican casserole sounds good.. Share the recipe?.. As for getting outdoors today? We're back down to the cold 50-degree temps today, so I'm staying INSIDE!! Glad to hear your feeling better! ~tina

  3. I just love the little birdies!!!!!

    I try not to go on Ebay. There is always soooooo much to look at.

  4. If you want to listen to the whole song from that slip knot video, it's here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgEfYGzojcA in case you didn't already know it. The video is very cute.

  5. Thank you for the song link! I've never heard the whole song.


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