Saturday, April 03, 2010

Saturday Baking

This recipe and photo came from Mommy's Kitchen.

I made this recipe this morning for Easter Dinner tomorrow at my sister's house.  I'll take a picture of mine tomorrow.  It's still setting-up in the fridge.  It looks really pretty.  I hope it tastes as good as it looks.  I'll let you know after Sunday.

Strawberry No-Bake Cheesecake

6 honey graham crackers (2 squares each), crushed to fine crumbs
2 Tbsp butter, melted, and mixed with 1 Tbsp honey

1 box - (3 oz) strawberry flavor gelatin
2⁄3 cup boiling water
1 tub - (16 oz) low fat or regular cottage cheese
2 - bricks (8 oz each) cream cheese, softened
2 - Tbsp sugar
2 - tsp strawberry extract or 1 tsp vanilla extract

1 pt - (about 12 oz) fresh strawberries
2 - Tbsp strawberry jelly, melted
Garnish: mint leaves, optional

Coat an 8 x 3-in. spring form pan with nonstick spray. Mix crumbs with butter mixture until evenly moistened. Press firmly over bottom and 3⁄4-inch up side of pan. Place in freezer. Dissolve gelatin in boiling water in a 1-cup measure. Puree cottage cheese in food processor until creamy. Add gelatin, cream cheese, sugar and extract; process until smooth. Pour into prepared crust; smooth top. Cover and refrigerate 4 hours, or until set. Wash and dry berries; remove stems. Quarter each lengthwise and place in a bowl; add jelly and gently toss to coat. Remove sides of spring form pan; place cheesecake on serving plate. Spoon on berry mixture; sprinkle with mint leaves. Planning Tip: Can be made, without the strawberry topping, up to 3 days ahead. Refrigerate covered. Prepare Topping just before serving. * This recipe can be easily adapted to a low cal recipe by substituting with all low fat or fat free ingredients.

I also have an Egg Custard Pie in the oven right now.  The directions I followed said to sprinkle generously with nutmeg after pouring the liquid into the pie plate.  Well, I forgot that step until about 2 minutes after I put it in the oven.  So I ran and got my nutmeg and grater and opened the oven door and tried to grate it really fast over the top.  Of course, you know what happened.  I dropped the whole nutmeg nut into the pie and it sunk to the bottom.  I tried to fish it out with a pair of tongs but couldn't find it, and I was making a hellofa mess in my oven sloshing that custard around AND the oven was getting cold with the door open for so long, so I said, "Screw it!" and just left it in there. Hopefully I'll remember that it's there and not break a tooth.  I'm not taking it to Easter dinner so it'll be just Barnaby and me eating it.

I still have to make some Mississippi Mudd later today and make the dough for the homemade rolls.  The dough can sit in the fridge overnight, and then I'll get up tomorrow and shape it into rolls, let them rise, and bake them right before we leave.

I slept like total crap last night.  I had a Venti Starbucks Iced Coffee yesterday at about 4:00, which usually doesn't bother me at night, but it sure did feel like a caffeine buzz I had going all night.  Lordie.  I nearly got up several times, but ended up laying there all night tossing and turning.  The dogs even got irritated at me for wiggling around disturbing their sleep.

I need to go back to Starbucks again right now or I feel a major nap coming on.  I have too much I want to do to nap today! 

I have that pineapple shawl I want to restart.  I started it last night but the hook I used was too big so I need to frog it and start over with a smaller one.

And then when I went to the grocery store this morning, I was looking at the books.  I finally gave in and bought Twilight.  I had so many people recommend it to me, so I thought I'd go ahead and try it.  And these people were not young people, which is who I thought these books were geared-towards, but I guess not.  It had better be good for $7.99, dad-gummit.  All they had was a special-edition larger-than-normal-size paperback that included a poster.  I'm so sure.  Yes, I'm going to hang that poster in my bedroom next to my David Cassidy poster.  Ha-ha.

I just noticed on the tag it has "Teen" written on it for the category.  Well crap.  It had better not be a teeny-bopper book!

Here's the custard pie straight from the oven. 
See where I tried to fish-out that nutmeg?
I made an ugly.  I bet it tastes good though.


  1. Oh my would I like to be in your pocket the pie is one of my favorites and I love strawberry's I can't get enough of them in season. Sounds like your going to have a neat Easter meal.You have to let us know who found the nutmeg first. You made my day take care my friend.

  2. All those pies sure sound good! Sheesh! If I'd known you were interesteed in Twilight, I'd have mailed you my DVD. I won it on a radio show and Art and I won't watch it again. I'm not a movie saver but I still have that one if you want it.

  3. Thankfully you live far... Otherwise I would come over and eat everything you make and become your pesky 300 pound friend!

  4. Your pie looks great!! I wonder who will win the "prize"...LOL!! I bet it tastes wonderful!! Have a nice Easter and enjoy your book! I had a difficult time till about 2/3rd of the way through but then I got Twilight fever too.

  5. Happy Easter!
    And you can make 2 lbs of cheese "low fat"? (just being sarcastic LOL) But, the recipe for the cheesecake does sound tempting, will have to try it some day. I can only get one kind of cottage cheese here, it's sort of runny and the curd is large-ish. And hideousely (SP?) expensive.

  6. Just trying to catch up on my blogging and commenting! My mouth is watering so badly right now with those pie pictures! Egg Custard with Nutmeg Crunch Crust . . . you've invented a new pie! :) Hey, Twilight is better than I would have expected. Hunter would love to have your poster if you can bear to part with it. LOL! She has pics of Edward and Jacob all over her room. I've read the series. I didn't care for the 2nd book, "New Moon", but 1,3, and 4 were good. Much better than the movies!


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