Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Rolls & Lillies

Last night:

I’m on the hunt for a new dinner roll recipe because my old favorite has failed me the last three times I’ve made them. I don’t know what happened to this recipe because it used to be my go-to, no-fail, works-every-time, you-cannot-mess-this-up recipe that I cut out of Southern Living Magazine years and years ago. I had tried at least half a dozen dinner roll recipes in search of the best one, and that was it. But not anymore!

So I’m making a half-recipe of THESE rolls this evening as a test. They sure were less trouble and lots less time-consuming, so I’m hoping they turn out really well.  I haven't had a chance to look through that website yet, but it's something I really want to do.  Maybe there are better recipes in there.  I think I saw another roll recipe too.

What’s the deal with all the hyphens in this entry? I do not know. Stop obsessing over the hyphens. Nobody notices but you. Okay, fine then.

Later that same night:

Well, here's a picture of the rolls when they came out of the oven...

As you can see, they didn't rise either, DAMMIT, and they tasted more like a biscuit than a dinner roll.  My original roll recipe is better, even when it doesn't rise properly.  So the hunt is still on!

If anyone has a beloved recipe for homemade dinner rolls that I can try, please send it in the comments or email me if you have my address.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch today:

My sister gave me these flowers and cool vase on Easter.  The lillies were closed, but when I got up this morning, two of them had opened up completely.  Isn't the vase cool?  She got it at an art show in Florida.

A Closer Look


I have so many crochet things I want to do RIGHT NOW.  Oh, by the way, Barnaby found the purple pineapple afghan stuck in a random drawer.  I can't decide what I need to do first so I'm just doing nothing.  I'm paralyzed.  I have crochet paralysis.

I think I'll just finish those hexagons for the potholder/pincushion.  That's simple enough to keep me from feeling overwhelmed and may get me out of my paralysis.


  1. What a beautiful vase and flowers that is so unique love the flowers they are so pretty. Did you find the nutmeg yet? It is always fun to come here something different happening here. Take care my friend.

  2. Thanks for my daily giggle...teehee!! Hey, have you checked the date on your yeast? I was having problems with my favorite bread machine recipe, then someone mentioned to me that my yeast might be expired. Sure 'nuf, I had the jar kind and it was a few months over the expiration date. So, after getting new yeast, the bread worked again. Since you are the kitchen queen, in addition to being the crochet queen, I'm sure you've already checked that, but just thought I'd mention it. So, just how DO you get so many crowns to fit properly??? :)

  3. Did you by any chance re-copy that roll recipe by hand? I did that one time and totally left something out. It took me forever to figure it out.

    I love that vase! I think you should shorten the pink carnations though...one about 1/2 the height of the tallest lilly and then one real short..right down at the bottom almost laying on the vase. The arrangement will look more oriental.

  4. Pammy,
    Go back to your original roll recipe. It could be the baking soda is old or you need fresh yeast depending on the recipe. Hey, I'd love to try your old roll recipe and see if I can find the problem maybe?


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