Friday, April 23, 2010

Pineapples in the Round

This is not really supposed to be a tablecloth, but I laid it out here so you could get a good look at it.  It's supposed to be a baby christening blanket.  It looks great draped over the back of the couch.

Pattern Name:  Pineapples in the Round
Pattern in:  Afghans for All Reasons and All Seasons (Leisure Arts)
Yarn Used:  Caron Spa in Soft Sunshine
Hook:  Size I
Finished Size:  42"
Changes:  I changed up the final round just a bit.  I didn't like how all the picots looked so ragged.  I'm not a big fan of the picots.

Note:  This pattern is riddled with errors.  There are many corrections that need to be made if you're going to get it right.  I can't believe Leisure Arts published a pattern in one of their books that was not properly written or tested.  I wouldn't recommend this for beginners unless you have an advanced crocheter to help you figure out the corrections (unless you just want to drive yourself crazy, then go for it).


  1. Looks like a ideal table cloth!

    Wizz :-)

  2. It is so good to see you back and making great progress each day. I love the pineapple looks great as a tablecloth or a blanket. You always are great making pineapples anyway. It is so good your doing better and getting into the creative side of crochet again. Take care my friend.

  3. First, so glad to have you back and well again.

    Now, about this pineapple Af. Love it. I really like it on the table too. If you are giving it away as a Christening Blanket, I think you need to make another for this table. It's perfect. How did you like the Caron Spa yarn. I have to look for that one. How many skeins did it take.

    Have a nice Saturday. Rainy day here, so trying to get Scooter out the door on errands, so I can have some time to myself today.

    Kate - xoxoxox

  4. I love it! It looks perfect on your table! Glad your feeling well. Neicee

  5. I'm sitting here in awe at the moment. Can't even think of what to say. I'll have to comment later when I'm not so mesmerized! You're amazing!!

  6. Just Gorgeous!!!!! Love it!!!!

    Glad your back. Missed ya.

  7. Sounds like you should be the first to write a letter to Leisure Arts so they will give a little more attention to quality control! I hate that!

    That table cloth/not a table cloth is so beautiful. I don't think you said what it is but I think it looks fabulous on your table. You could add some kind of an edge or just leave it the way it is. PERFECT!

  8. Amazing piece of work. I'm sure Mum & Bub will love it

  9. I have been trying to work on this same pattern and am so frustrated by the errors. I have been searching the internet to find someone who may have posted the errata or corrections, to no avail. Any chance you would have written them down?

  10. I am trying to make this same pattern and am so frustrated by the errors in the instructions. I have been searching the internet to find possible corrections, but to no avail. Any chance you may have written down the correct way to do this pattern??

  11. Momof10kids: I've been trying to contact you, but apparently you aren't reading my blog or missed it. If you'll leave me a comment with your email address, I'll send you the corrections you need. I won't publish your email.


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