Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Oh No

My throat started getting raw about midday.  It feels really dry and I'm hoarse.  Ugh.  I hope it's just allergies and will be gone in the morning.  PLEASE?

Nobody has sent me a recipe for rolls yet.  Hmpf.  Just bite me then. 

I'm sorry.  I cannot be responsible for my behavior when I don't feel good.

Oh crap.  I don't even have any Nyquil or anything.

Barnaby is heating up some Campbell's Soup at Hand Chicken & Stars for me.  That should feel good on my throat.  He's such a good husband.

I'm whiney.

And boring.

American Idol sucks this season.

OMG, he just brought me the Chicken & Stars.  The warm broth feels so good on my throat.  But all the stars sank to the bottom and so did the chicken.  Who's the genius who thought of drinkable Chicken & Stars?  Any idiot knows the stars will sink and cannot be drunk drinked drunken drank from a cup.

I don't feel good enough to try a new dinner roll recipe tonight, even if you non-helpful people had shared a recipe with me.  WHICH YOU DIDN'T.

It's only 7:20 and I'm going to bed.

Please, Lord, help me to feel better when I wake up.  I have a ton of work I HAVE to do whether I'm sick or not.  People are counting on me.



  1. I found this for you:


    I hope you aren't getting sick!
    Love you!

  2. My favorite roll recipe:

    1 pkg active dry yeast
    1/4 cup warm water
    1 pinch white sugar

    In a large bowl stir yeast, 1/4 cup warm water and a the pinch of sugar.

    1/2 cup white sugar
    2 eggs
    1 cup warm water
    1/2 cup vegetable oil
    1 tsp. salt
    4 cups all-purpose flour

    In another bowl beat eggs in 1 cup warm water; add oil and salt. Mix egg mixture into yeast and add sugar.

    Gradually add flour. (Depending on the flour I have used sometimes it only takes 3 cups.) Cover with a damp cloth, and allow to stand at room temperature for 1 hour. (If you want you can then put it in the fridge and allow it to raise overnight. Or you can make it up right then.) If you put it in the fridge overnight, allow it to raise twice its size.

    Divide into four parts. Roll each section out in a circle on a floured board or wax paper. Cut into pizza slice shapes and roll slices large end to small end. Place on a greased flat baking sheet and allow to raise for two hours.

    Bake at 375 degrees for 8 minutes. (Sometimes it takes a bit longer so make sure they are really done. They should sound hollow when you tap them.) I brush them with UNsalted butter when they come out of the oven.

    This makes 32 rolls but they freeze really well and it's nice to have them on hand.

  3. hope you're feeling better.
    I'll look in my cookbook for a roll recipe, although the ones I do have are the kind you need to let rise twice. I haven't made bread in ages....argh...

  4. Can you see my fingers playing the world's tiniest violin and hear me asking, "Would you like a little cheese with that whine?" :) Poor baby, I do hope you're feeling better today. It really sucks to feel lousy!

  5. Please, please, please feel better real soon. I need you back to your old spirited self.

    Just trying to catch up on all. So much reading to do today.

    Kate - The Garden Bell.

    P.S. Did you miss me?...he-he..

  6. Pammy I hope you are feeling MUCH better today! Sore throats and crappy feelings are definitely the pits! Lots of love from ME!

  7. Ha! I love how you speak your mind. Hope you get that recipe and I hope you feel better soon.


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