Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Flower Square Stuff

I've decided that I like the original flower I made better, even though it's not exactly like the one in the pattern, and I'm going to use it instead.  Here's a picture of it:

Here is my attempt yesterday at framing the other flower.  It's all wonky.  I have too many stitches in the frame and will have to try again.

Don't laugh at me!  Ha-ha-ha.  Okay, go ahead.  It is funny.  So I'm not very talented in the pattern department.  Sue me.  At least I'm trying!

If you have any suggestions from looking at what I did, please feel free to tell me about them in the comments.  I obviously need help with the framing rounds.  Keep in mind, I'll be using the other flower which is a bit bigger than this one.  That ought to really confuse me when I go to try it again.

Note:  Ghost kindly pointed out that I had an error in the pattern I posted yesterday.  I've fixed that error now.  After finishing Row 2, you will have 8 loops instead of 6.)

Oh, and the owner and creator of the flower garden blanket said she cannot help me as far as writing the pattern because of the language barrier (she's Turkish).  She said she'd try to take some pictures next week while making another one and see if that helps.  I'm just too impatient to wait!  You guys know me by now.  I must have things immediately and get frantic about it, and then once I have it, it takes me months to finish most things!  That's just the way I'm wired.

I was really tired last night and started thinking that I was just going to forget about trying to make one of these blankets.  I know it's going to take a LONG time to make all those flower squares, and I'm not sure I have the wherewithall to do it.  I did make a granny blanket with 99 squares a very long time ago, but I don't remember exactly how long it took me.  I know I started it and then put it up for awhile before finishing it later.  And I do have that other blanket with 330-some odd squares to make.  I only need three or four dozen of those squares to have enough, and they are only 3-round squares and are itty-bitty.

But I'm not going to just forget it.  I want it, so there.


  1. looking at the flower in a square you made, have you tried using a less amount of sc's in the spaces between the petals? just because you chained x amount, doesn't mean you have to sc the same x amount into the chains. HTH...a little...

  2. I think they are SOOOOO cute. Why don't you just make a bunch of them and stitch together for a blanket by connecting them in the back? I think they're darling.

  3. Check out my blog today. In the middle of my blanket is a flower square. It's not exactly the same but it's kind of close. Do you want me to email you the pattern? Maybe it would help you with the one you're working on.

  4. I will be no help when it comes to the pattern, but I did want to say that I LOVE the green and yellow flowers. Is that green yarn the Hobby Lobby ILTY in pistache? I love that color... I have some of it and am saving it for I don't know what... something special I guess. I say go for it with this pattern... why not? I have been putting off making something with squares myself but have decided that I just need to go for it!

  5. thanks for the mention. I wished it was the problem. I like the second flower best anyway. You might let the creator know that she can use|pt
    for translating. it is easy to use

  6. Maybe you could make a pillow???? If ya don't want to make a qazzilion squares. Just a thought...

    I love yourf personality. You make me laugh..

    The flowers are soo pretty. The border well, uh,

    I think borders are really hard to just make up..ya know create on the spur of the moment. Plus you were tired too.

    So good luck and keep trying.

    Lovin your blog..


  7. oh I forgot. I think your attempt is close, I can't help much but I know you won't let this challenge beat you.

  8. Yeap, it's wonkie... Still do like the flowers. Saw just those all stitched together somewhere. If I find it I'll send you the link.

    By the way, do you know the "Queen" over at

    She, you and I could all be sisters. Her humor is right up our alley. Go have a check. She is in a neighbor feud right now and has had my side in stitches all week.

    Keep us post on how all this figuring out goes. Sometime these grannie things make rippling so much easier....

    Kate - xoxoxo

  9. I do love your flower better it has more look of a flower. The best part we can laugh at ourselves because we all do it trying to make things.Take care my friend.

  10. Hi Pammy Sue, I came here from your postings on the Crochet Along last week and you are hilarious!! I too, have my own business and try to do creative things in between. I'm doing a crochet flower granny blanket right now and I feel your pain. I love your green with a white center flower and would've loved to incorporate it into my blanket but I am sooooo done making squares right now and just wanta finish that darn thing.

    I am fairly new to crochet so I wouldn't be able to write ya a pattern but you could check out the ravelry forum using Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks book. That's the book I used for many of my blocks. There are quite a few flower motif patterns in there and you could substitute your flower for one of hers and then just use her pattern for the rest of the square. Have fun!

  11. Hi P.S. Your flowers are dang cute...I crochet too...but I am not as good of a hooker as GB and you. I love crafts, and used to have the title of Queen of Crafts....until I got looking at other craft bloggers, got a dose of reality, and stepped down from office.
    I love painting, reality TV, decorating, my dog, and bitching about silly stuff. I am in a feud with my neighbors that live behind the Palace, and they are just plain rude.
    This all seemed to start happening after I purchased a big ass garden gnome that we named Prince Grumpus...Now we are having some bad mo jo......Thanks for visiting. Your Blog is cute and so is your dog...I will put you on my favorites..

  12. P.S. That crocheted bird you made......I want it.

  13. Hi Pam,
    You have a very challanging personality..i like so much..and happy to meet you...
    You are doing right...:) you can try in different number of chains to fit the border of the flower. i also make this border only trying to fit it

    Have nice day..:)

  14. I love your flower (first picture). I don't think you could get better then that.


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