Friday, April 02, 2010

It's Friday...

Rosemary is looking lovely, isn't she?  I love it when these purple-blue flowers bloom in the spring.  It's so pretty and smells so great.  I rub my hands all over it every time I walk by and keep smelling my hands.  Ahhh!

Speaking of rosemary...

I bought Suave Rosemary & Mint Shampoo and Conditioner the other day.
It smells like heaven rained down on your head...I love it!
I forgot to take a picture; sorry.
Just go look for the sage-green bottles.
You're smart.  You can handle it.

I finally got another ball of peach thread to continue the doily.
It's slow-going because it's so small and intricate, I can't do it for very long at once.
It's coming along though.

I got the yarn for the shawl in Crochet Today that I mentioned.
I ended up getting Caron Spa in Soft Sunshine.
Obviously, I changed my mind about doing it in white.

Y'all have a great Easter Weekend!


  1. That doily is going to be beautiful -- and I love the color. I'm like you though, I can only work with that little thread for a short period of time or my eyes start to cross and my hands start to cramp. My grandmother made dozens of doilies. I don't know how she did it.

    Lovely yarn for the shawl. Very bright and cheery.

    Happy Easter!

  2. Your doily is so pretty love the color. It looks so delicate. You have a Happy Easter your rosemary plant is beautiful it is big. I bet it does smell so good. Take care my friend.

  3. Hi Pammy! Your flowers are beautiful!.. It's so good to see the beautiful season, and warm weather back again. We've been enjoying every minute of it here! LOVE how your doily is looking so far, and I will definitely give that shampoo a try, just as soon as I can find it!.. Enjoy the weekend, and have a very Happy Easter! Hope the Easter Bunny leaves you lots of goodies! ~tina

  4. The Rosemary is lovely!
    I am looking for a new shampoo, mine I have been using too long and my hair is dumpy. I look forward to trying the Sauve you mentioned.
    Your crochet work is also lovely. The peach is a fine color. You amaze me with the quality and quanity of needlework you produce. I am so jealous..but in a good way :)
    I hope you also have a wonderful EAster! Enjoy your family and I pray you will have a Blessed year to come.

  5. I love the doily! Im going to Walgreens to check out that shampoo asap! Have a great Holiday! D

  6. I love the doily! Im going to Walgreens to check out that shampoo asap! Have a great Holiday! D

  7. I love your Rosemary! I have an indoor one, but it never blooms.


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