Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm So Much Better

Have you been watching Molly the Owl since her babies hatched?  They are hideously ugly, but cute at the same time.  Does that make sense?  And they grow so freakin' fast!  They are only about 2 weeks old now and are huge.  I would never guess they are baby owls just by looking.  They look more like buzzards or something.  The best time to watch is at night usually between 9PM and 10PM Central Time.  That's when the daddy owl, McGee, goes hunting and brings back lots of food for them to eat -- rats, rabbits, moles, opposum, etc.  Amazing!

I started looking around yesterday at all my crochet stuff (and other things) I've purchased lately and noticed something.  I can't believe I hadn't noticed it before....

Geez, do you think I have a problem?


  I'm such a freak.
I get on one thing and just do it to death!

As far as crochet goes, I've been working on three or four different things at once, which means I'm not getting very far on anything.  A row here, a round there, and nothing is even close to being done.  Oh, except remember those hexies I was working on?  I just have the last round to do on five of them and I'll be ready to put them together.  Maybe I'll get that done tonight.

I finally finished Twilight last night.  Between being sick and crocheting, it took me longer than normal to read.  I'm going to call Barnaby right now and see if he'll go get me the second book in the series and bring it home tonight.

Note to Hunter:  I'm waiting until I get the second book so I can send both of the posters if they have different ones.  I should know tonight.

I found a really cute blog that was interesting to look through one day when I was sick.  But you have to promise not to love her more than you love me.  You can find it here:  Color Me Katie



  1. Purple is my favorite color so no worries from me on that score Pammy Sue! GRIN!!

  2. Anonymous12:43 PM

    glad u are feeling better. BP

  3. Finally. So glad to see your spirit is back. Yes, that is quite a bit of Purple, but I'm liking it.

    Off to check out Color Me Katie. With a blog name like that, I'm sure to become a new follower.

    Monday Afternoon Hugs,

  4. First it is so good to see you back much better. I been following the Molly the Owl since you posted the site and been enjoying it very much. It is funny I also use the same Lysol you have pictured. I been working with a light lilac yarn right now. Purples are one of my favorite colors. Just check Color Me Katie what a neat site. Thank you for sharing so much. But your number one in my book. Take care my friend.


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