Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Auction Glass

Here are two beauties I am attempting to buy on eBay in the next few days.  I haven't bought any new glass in a very long time and figured it was time to treat myself.  I think these two pieces are fabulous.  Most of my glass is either Blenko or Pilgrim handblown glass. These two are Pilgrim. I'll get a picture of my collection in the next few days and show it off to you.

I slept all day today and all evening (and even overslept a 2:30 business call I was suppose to be recording...DOH!).  I've been awake for maybe an hour and I'm fixing to go back to bed.

I'm not sure, but I think I might have malaria.

WHAT?  Too dramatic?

Okay, it's not malaria, but it's something.  Well, that was profound.

Good night.


  1. What beautiful glass it looks like the crackle glass that my mother use to collect. In fact I have a small collection of minature pieces that where hers. It is so beautiful when the sun comes through the glass. I hope that you do get them. Take care friend.

  2. Love the glass!
    Hate that you have Malaria... I would come see you on your death bed but isnt that contagious? If you die before I get your Amigurumis critter done who should I send it too? Sorry.. that was mean. I do hope you feel better soon.

  3. Hey, Sickie! Have you considered going to a doctor???? I think you were the one giving me such a hard time not too long ago about needing to take that drastic step. So, turnaround is fair play!! GO TO THE DOCTOR AND GET SOMETHING TO MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and I love the glassware you're bidding on. I'm particularly fond of the RED one, just because . . . well, because it's RED!!! :) GET WELL!

  4. Sheesh! I hope you don't have H1N1 or some godawful flu bug. Kind of sounds like a virus though. Doesn't Doctor Patsy sound like she knows her stuff?!?? Hope you are better by tomorrow.

    Hey! I like both of those glass pieces...especially the red one because of the ruffles along the top. Good luck!

  5. ooooooo! It's really pretty!

  6. Beautiful glass! I bid like you do. LOL but I promise not to compete for any glass:)


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