Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Evidently I confused people yesterday by talking about Sammi (the female black pug) and Little Boy (the chihuahua) and only posting a picture of Little Boy. 

Little Boy (the chihuahua) died unexpectedly a year ago January 30th, and I always called him my sleepin' buddy.  That's why it made me think of him when I was saying that Sammi is my nappin' buddy now.  I dug out a picture of L.B. and posted it yesterday without labeling it confusing the daylights out of people.  Sorry about that.  I know it's hard to keep all my dogs and their names straight, especially when I start throwing previous pets in the mix.

Speaking of my dogs, Eli has been especially clingy lately.  He wants to be in my lap constantly.  It's hard to type with a dog in your lap.  It's hard to crochet with a dog in your lap too.  But he insists and gets his feelings hurt when I make him get down.  He doesn't care how uncomfortable either one of us is.  I really have to break him of this though.

I'm no further along with the joining of the afghan squares than I was yesterday when I posted.  I stopped because my back was aching from stooping over the counter.

Things I should do today:

Go for a walk
Do laundry
Grocery shop
Make a dermatologist appt.
Finish joining the afghan
Bathe the dogs

Things I will probably do today:

None of the above.  We'll see.


  1. Are you a list-maker like me? I don't know why I do it -- half the time nothing on it gets done and then I beat myself up because I've been so lazy.

    Can't wait to see the afghan finished.

  2. Yikes! I remember LB & Sammi, Abbey, Eli,Phoebe, & Fletcher. I love when you post about them. I must admit, when I saw the picture of Little Boy, it did not register and I did think it was Sammi. (Sorry Sammi, you are much prettier, LB was Handsome, but you are a Pretty Girl!). Dang Girl~ You are as bad as me with multiple Loves and talking about them all. I still do with mine that passed too. Love you!


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