Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sundee Afternoon

I made the Carmelitas last evening, and of course they were fantastic.  Barnaby had his with vanilla ice cream, but I just like mine plain.  I think they are much better after cooling completely, but Barnaby liked it hot so his cold ice cream would melt and he'd get that hot & cold thing going.

I like the Grandma's Date Squares better, but these are definitely good, especially if you like carmel and chocolate together.  And they're very quick to put together.

Barnaby made me a new blog button with the new pink background.  Please grab a new one if you'd like.  It's prettier than the ugly mustard yellow background before.  (Right-hand sidebar under my profile)

I made more Thai Sesame Noodles earlier today.  They should be ready for dinner tonight.  I only got one serving of the last batch I made because Barnaby ate them all.

That's it.  Nothing happening.  No race today.  I'm outta here.

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